Chapter 17.50


17.50.010    Purpose.

17.50.020    Permitted uses.

17.50.030    Accessory uses.

17.50.040    Conditional uses.

17.50.050    Prohibited uses.

17.50.060    Development standards for mobile home park district.

17.50.070    Area and yard requirements—Individual space.

17.50.080    Access, parking and traffic.

17.50.090    Outdoor advertising.

17.50.100    Park/recreation area.

17.50.110    Landscaping.

17.50.120    Facilities maintenance.

17.50.130    Development standards—Exceptions.

17.50.140    Additional requirements.

17.50.150    Site plan review—Approval.

17.50.160    Appeal.

17.50.170    Final approval.

17.50.180    Revisions.

    Prior ordinance history: Ords. 1-5-87A and 10-2-89.

17.50.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the MHP mobile home park district is to provide for the accommodation of mobile homes at a standard consistent with the protection of the health, safety and general welfare of the community. Such district is herein deemed to be a multiple-family residential district, and a mobile home is herein deemed to be a dwelling. Wherever any provisions of this chapter impose more stringent regulations, requirements or limitations than are required by the provisions of any other law or ordinance, the provisions of this chapter shall govern. The adoption of this zoning classification shall repeal and supersede all zoning classifications formerly designated “MHP,” “MHP combining district” and any other mobile home park designation. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.020 Permitted uses.

The following are permitted uses in the MHP mobile home park district:

A. Mobile home parks to provide for the parking of residential manufactured or mobile homes for living purposes;

B. Permanent living quarters for the sole use of the operator or manager of the mobile home park;

C. Recreational vehicles for living purposes when set up in compliance with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.030 Accessory uses.

The following are accessory uses in the MHP mobile home park district:

A. Incidental uses related to the convenience and recreational needs of the mobile home park residents: provided however, only those commercial uses relative to a residential area, i.e., laundry facilities. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.040 Conditional uses.

The following are conditional uses in the MHP mobile home park district:

A. Home based businesses. (Ord. 1-03-12B § 1.1; Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.050 Prohibited uses.

The following are prohibited uses in the MEP mobile home park district:

A. Commercial uses, other than those permitted in HCC 17.50.020;

B. Industrial uses. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.060 Development standards for mobile home park district.

A. The standards as set forth in this section are the minimum standards for all construction and sanitation facilities and other necessary facilities for the safety, health and general welfare of the occupants.

B. The standards shall be in accordance with adopted county and applicable state standards governing mobile home parks.

C. The following standards shall apply to all lands and structures in the MHP mobile home park district:

1. Before any mobile home park may be approved, and before any building or structure for a proposed mobile home park is erected, the applicant shall submit a site plan to the planning department for approval.

2. The minimum site area for a mobile home park development shall be two and one-half acres.

D. Yard setback requirements:

Perimeter of development:

fifteen-foot minimum ((D)(1)).

Front yard abutting street:

fifteen-foot minimum ((D)(2)).

Side yard:

five-foot minimum ((D)(3)).

Side yard/corner:

ten-foot minimum ((D)(3)(a)).

Rear yard:

ten-foot minimum ((D)(4)).

1. Each mobile home park development shall have a fifteen-foot setback adjoining all existing or proposed public street lines.

a. No structures or mobile homes shall be located within the required setback area.

b. Said yard shall be landscaped and maintained in a manner comparable to a residential front yard.

2. Front Yards. Each lot abutting a dedicated street shall have a front yard of not less than fifteen feet extending for the full width of the lot or parcel.

a. Said yard shall be landscaped and maintained as defined herein.

3. Side Yards. Each lot shall have a side yard of not less than five feet on both sides of the lot or parcel devoted to said use.

a. Corner lots in which case the side yard is on the street side shall not be less than ten feet.

4. Rear Yards. Each lot shall have a rear yard of not less than ten feet extending across the full width of the lot or parcel devoted to said use.

a. Said yard may be used for access or parking.

5. The perimeter of the mobile home park shall be fenced or screened with a solid six-foot fence or wall, with exception of the area defined as the front yard, wherein said wall shall not exceed three feet. The commission may waive this requirement if, due to the nature of the existing topography or other conditions, it is unreasonable to require a fence or screen. The commission must issue findings of fact to support a waiver.

6. In the event a MHP district is next to a nonresidential-zoned district, a chain link fence with a solid green planting may be substituted for said solid fence or wall.

7. No wall or fence over six feet in height shall be permitted on or between spaces.

E. No building or structure erected will have a height greater than thirty-five feet. (Ord. 12-21- 98A § 1)

17.50.070 Area and yard requirements—Individual space.

A. Each mobile home space shall have:

Minimum area:

three thousand five hundred square feet.

Minimum width:

thirty-five feet.

Minimum depth:

sixty feet.

B. Distance between residential mobile home units or other permitted buildings or structures:

1. Where mobile homes are located side-by-side, end-to-side, end-to-end or are located near any building requiring a building permit, other than another mobile home, the minimum space between them shall be fifteen feet.

C. Exceptions. Permitted projections into required yards: cornices, eaves, roof overhangs, trellises, beams, joists and other similar roof projections or landings, porches, stairs, if uncovered, may extend or project into required yards according to the following:

Type of Yard

Projection Allowed

Front or rear

5-foot maximum


2 1/2-foot maximum

D. Accessory buildings shall maintain a distance of fifteen feet between dwellings and buildings.

E. Each occupied manufactured home, mobile home or recreational vehicle shall have solid skirting with an approved material around the entire structure. (Amended during Supp. No. 1, 6-03; Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.080 Access, parking and traffic.

A. In the MHP mobile home park district, each mobile home park will abut a dedicated street improved to standards. The applicable governing body standards are as follows:

1. Within five miles of the city of Winnemucca, the city street standards shall apply;

2. Beyond five miles of the city of Winnemucca, the county road standards apply.

B. If the proposed development is beyond five miles of the city of Winnemucca, the interior street system will be paved with rolled curb and gutter.

C. Mobile home park design will be so arranged to avoid vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic congestion. Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety will be protected, emergency vehicle access maintained and no adverse impact to adjoining properties will be created.

D. All interior streets will have a minimum of forty feet for right-of-way. Improved widths will be as follows:

1. Thirty-six feet for two-way traffic with parking;

2. Twenty-eight feet for one-way traffic with parking.

E. In the MHP mobile home park combining district, there will be two parking spaces for each mobile home space. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.090 Outdoor advertising.

A. Signs advertising the mobile home park are permitted in the MHP mobile home park district.

1. Signs shall be restricted to thirty-two square feet of sign area, to be limited to the street frontage serving as access to the mobile home park.

2. Only one sign will be permitted on each access street. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.100 Park/recreation area.

A. In the MHP mobile home park district, mobile home parks greater than ten acres will provide a maintained and landscaped park/recreational area(s) for the use of the mobile home park residents.

B. Park/recreational area(s) will total not less than one-third of an acre for every ten acres of land area. The recreational area(s) will be landscaped, improved and maintained in a character suitable for active and passive recreation by the operator of the park. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.110 Landscaping.

In the MHP mobile home park district, front yards, entrance/exit access ways and park perimeter screening areas (minimum four feet wide outside the park perimeter fencing) will be in maintained landscaping. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.120 Facilities maintenance.

In the MHP mobile home park district, an operations and maintenance (O&M) plan, including responsibility, shall be developed.

A. Said O&M plan shall demonstrate how all of the mobile home park facilities will be maintained for the life of the mobile home park.

B. Facilities shall include, but are not limited to, water system, sewage disposal systems, drainage systems, solid waste storage and disposal, open space areas, recreational amenities, landscaping, access roads and walkways. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.130 Development standards—Exceptions.

In the MHP mobile home park district, an exception from HCC 17.50.060(D)(5) and 17.50.100 may be granted if one or more of the following conditions are met:

A. The mobile home park will have a stated duration of thirty-six months or less;

B. The mobile home park will be occupied by employees who have a permanent home and family located in a different location.

C. The mobile home park will be reserved for senior citizens aged fifty-five years or older. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.140 Additional requirements.

The following additional requirements apply in the MHP mobile home park district:

A. Each mobile home space will be connected to an approved sewage disposal system.

B. There will be at least two hundred square feet of recreational area per mobile home space.

C. Service yards, storage areas and trash disposal areas will be completely screened by a continuous visual barrier.

D. All streets, walkways and recreation areas will be lighted so as to present no hazard to the uses thereof.

E. Fire protection facilities will be installed within each mobile home park in accordance with the requirements of the responsible fire protection agency.

F. Mobile home parks located adjacent to wildlands (public lands) or within the wildland urban interface as designated by the managing federal or state agency will provide a minimum thirty-foot fire break to provide protection from the threat of wildfire. Within the firebreak, all existing and native vegetation will be removed and revegetated with fire resistant plant species, sterilized gravel or pavement. Access to the firebreak areas for fire protection vehicles will be maintained at all times.

G. Interior design, layout, spacing, utilities and arrangement of mobile homes within any mobile home park will be consistent with all state and local statutes, ordinances and regulations relating thereto (including, but not limited to, State Fire Marshal, State Public Health Division, State Division of Environmental Protection, State Division of Manufactured Housing, etc.). (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.150 Site plan review—Approval.

A. Before any mobile home park may be approved, and before any building or structure for mobile home park purposes is erected, the applicant will submit a site plan to the planning commission for approval a minimum of four weeks prior to the next regular planning commission meeting. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that adequate review of the site plan occurs and that all information is provided to the director of planning a minimum of four weeks prior to the next regular planning commission meeting at which the site plan will be reviewed.

B. The commission, in approving the site plan, must find that the proposed development is in conformance with the intent and provisions of this title, as well as other applicable ordinances and laws. The commission may establish reasonable conditions, which in the opinion of the commission, assure compliance with the intent and provisions of this title.

C. The applicant will submit the number of prints of the site plan as determined by the director of planning. The site plan will be drawn to scale and indicate clearly with full dimensions the following information:

1. Name and address of person preparing drawings and compiling required information;

2. Date drawings were prepared;

3. Legal owner of subject property;

4. Proposed project developer’s name and address;

5. North arrow;

6. Scale of drawings;

7. Vicinity map showing relative location of the proposed project;

8. Relationship of the proposed project to any city limits, if applicable;

9. Existing topography of the site (minimum of five-foot contours);

10. Notation of areas to be filled and/or areas with ten percent or greater slope;

11. Location of any storm drainage ways on property, together with their direction of flow;

12. Location and size of existing utility lines servicing the site;

13. Location of any service yards, storage areas and trash disposal areas, and how screened;

14. Location, size and type of construction of all access ways, easements, streets and walkways;

15. Location and footprint of proposed structures;

16. Location of existing structures and/or improvements;

17. The density proposed is compatible with density permitted in abutting districts. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.160 Appeal.

A. The applicant and/or an affected property owner may appeal the decision of the planning commission to the governing body.

B. The appeal will be in writing and set forth the grounds for the appeal.

C. The appeal will be filed with the governing body before five p.m. on the day the decision is to become effective.

D. At the next regularly scheduled meeting after the filing of a written appeal, the county commission shall set a date for public hearing thereon, not less than fifteen days nor more than forty days thereafter.

E. The notice of the appeal hearing shall be in accordance with NRS Chapter 278.

F. The governing body will review the site plan and may approve, with stated conditions or disapprove with findings of fact, the application by resolution.

G. The governing body may add to or delete any of the conditions recommended or required by the planning commission.

H. The action of the planning commission may be reversed or modified only by a unanimous vote of the governing body. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.170 Final approval.

A. The approved site plan, with any conditions shown thereon or attached thereto, will be dated and signed by the director of planning.

B. One copy of the site plan will be mailed to the applicant within five days of the decision of the planning commission. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)

17.50.180 Revisions.

All revisions by the applicant to the approved site plan will be made pursuant to the procedure set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 12-21-98A § 1)