Chapter 17.52


17.52.010    Purpose.

17.52.020    Permitted uses.

17.52.030    Accessory uses.

17.52.040    Conditional uses.

17.52.050    Prohibited uses.

17.52.060    Development standards.

17.52.070    Special requirements.

17.52.010 Purpose.

It is the purpose of the MH mobile home combining district to allow for the location of mobile homes for residential purposes on individually owned lots and parcels while preventing encroachment upon these areas by incompatible uses of property. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 25(A))

17.52.020 Permitted uses.

The following are permitted uses in the MH mobile home combining district:

A. One mobile home per lot or parcel.

B. A second and third mobile home may be located on lots or parcels existing prior to September 25, 1975, provided the minimum space between the units shall be twenty feet.

C. Cooperative, corporate or community recreational, utility and/or sanitary facilities. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 25(B))

17.52.030 Accessory uses.

The following are accessory uses in the MH mobile home combining district:

A. Garages;

B. Carports;

C. Utility rooms;

D. Recreational rooms. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 25(C))

17.52.040 Conditional uses.

For conditional uses in the MH mobile home combining district, the provisions of the underlying zone apply. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 25(D))

17.52.050 Prohibited uses.

For prohibited uses in the MH mobile home combining district, the provisions of the underlying zone apply. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 25(E))

17.52.060 Development standards.

For development standards in the MH mobile home combining district, the provisions of the underlying zone apply. (Ord. 1-5-87A § 25(F))

17.52.070 Special requirements.

In the MH mobile home combining district, the following conditions will be complied with before occupancy of a mobile home is permitted:

A. Permits shall be obtained from the county building department, or other appropriate agencies, for building, electrical, plumbing and septic tanks. Compliance with current building and health codes are mandatory without exception.

B. Mobile homes will meet all state requirements and carry a certificate of the State of Nevada, or in the case of those mobile homes manufactured before January 1, 1986, evidence of approval by the chief building official of the county. In addition, each mobile home will be properly connected to available electrical, sanitary and water facilities.

C. All mobile homes will be on runners or placed on a foundation and will be fully skirted.

D. There will be no outdoor storage of equipment, appliances, or appurtenances normally installed inside a residence.

E. The unit to be located under this section shall have been constructed subsequent to January 1, 1976.

F. No manufactured or mobile homes, trailers, recreational vehicles, or buses shall be converted to or used for storage, accessory buildings or other nonresidential uses without first obtaining a conditional use permit.

G. Mobile homes to be utilized specifically as a rental unit may be soft-set on blocks upon the issuance and administrative approval of a conditional use permit. If the mobile home or lot is sold or otherwise transfers ownership, and is consequently taken out of the rental market, the above conditions shall apply retroactively and the home shall be placed on runners or a foundation within forty-five days of sale or transfer of ownership. All other conditions and requirements within this section shall be complied with. Upon receipt of the application and required fee, review by the planning department of a conditional use permit application to place a home as a rental unit, the following criteria shall be met:

1. The home and this type of placement of the home (soft-set on blocks) shall be compatible with the existing neighborhood and surrounding structures.

2. The property owner and the home owner shall not be one and the same person or persons.

3. The registered owner of the home shall reside in the home to be placed under this section. A signed and notarized affidavit from both the property owner and home owner shall be provided to the planning department.

H. No mobile home, manufactured home, or recreational vehicle shall be utilized for any other use other than what it was originally designed for, except as otherwise cited in this chapter. This provision prohibits the connection of one or more units together for use as a single-family dwelling or any other type of structure. (Ord. 9-05-06A § 1; Ord. 12-17-01 § 1; Ord. 10-4-99 § 1; Ord. 4-19-99C § 1; Ord. 6-1-98 § 1; Ord. 9-2-97B § 1; Ord. 1-5-87A § 25(G))