Chapter 1.10


1.10.010    Adoption.

1.10.010 Adoption.

A common seal of this city be and the same is hereby adopted, to wit: a blank impression, either on the paper to be sealed directly or on a wafer previously pasted thereon in the place of the seal, with the word “Seal” across the center of such blank impression and a leaf therein above and beneath said word, and in the margin or on the circular edge of such impression the words “City of Burns, Harney Co., Oregon,” the whole being round and of the size of a silver dollar, and that the city clerk be and he is hereby authorized and empowered to procure a seal answering substantially to the above description which shall be the common seal of this city and shall be for the use of the city, and said clerk shall have and keep the same in his office and custody and shall affix the same, to wit, the impression thereof as above provided, whenever and wherever it shall be necessary, lawful, or customary to use the seal of a municipal corporation, either as by the general laws, the City Charter, any of the city ordinances, or in the course of business, or as may be otherwise called for. [Ord. 66 § 1, 1904]