Chapter 1.15


1.15.010    Availability to public.

1.15.020    Reading of ordinance.

1.15.030    Enactment.

1.15.040    Effective date.

1.15.050    Adoption by reference.

1.15.060    Adoption of state statutes.

1.15.010 Availability to public.

Ordinances proposed for passage by the council shall be available to the public and the council not less than five calendar days prior to the meeting at which they are to be considered. [Ord. 727 § 1, 1998]

1.15.020 Reading of ordinance.

At the meeting when enactment of an ordinance is proposed, the title of the ordinance along with any caption provided shall be read, and a summary of the ordinance and an explanation of the intent or purpose of the ordinance shall be given by the presiding officer or his designee. Upon the request of two or more councilors, the proposed ordinance shall be read in its entirety before being put to a vote. [Ord. 727 § 2, 1998]

1.15.030 Enactment.

Ordinances shall be enacted by vote of a majority of the quorum present at the meeting when and where the same is considered. Every ordinance shall be signed by the mayor, or the acting mayor, or chairperson of the council. A copy thereof shall thereafter be published in the local newspaper, if any, where public notices generally are published, or in lieu of such publication, copies of the ordinance shall be posted in at least three conspicuous public places in the city. However, failure to publish or post such ordinance shall not affect the legality of any such ordinance. [Ord. 727 § 3, 1998]

1.15.040 Effective date.

Except for emergency measures, an ordinance passed as provided herein shall take effect 30 days after its passage by the council and execution as provided herein. However, measures necessary for the immediate preservation of the peace, health and safety of the city are excepted. These emergency measures shall become immediately effective if they state in a separate section the reason why it is necessary that they should become immediately effective, and if they are approved by the affirmative vote of three-fourths of all the members elected to the common council, including the mayor. [Ord. 727 § 4, 1998]

1.15.050 Adoption by reference.

Ordinances establishing rules and regulations for the construction of buildings, installation of plumbing, electric wiring, or other similar work, where such rules and regulations have been printed as a code in book form, and including such codifications as the Uniform Fire Code, may be adopted by reference thereto without further publication or posting thereof. Not less than three copies of such code shall be filed for use and examination by the public in the office of the city clerk or city manager prior to the adoption thereof. [Ord. 727 § 5, 1998]

1.15.060 Adoption of state statutes.

The council may adopt as ordinances any statute of the state of Oregon, the subject matter of which is within the scope of the Charter authority, by reference to the chapter or section of the statute as the same is set out in the Oregon Revised Statutes, without further publication or posting thereof. [Ord. 727 § 6, 1998]