Chapter 1.20


1.20.010    Purpose of provisions.

1.20.020    Procedure.

1.20.030    Reading of resolutions.

1.20.010 Purpose of provisions.

The ordinances of the city of Burns provide for various matters to be addressed through the adoption of a resolution. There is a need for an ordinance prescribing uniform procedures for adoption of resolutions because there is no longer a procedure for adoption of resolutions contained or described in the Charter or any ordinance. [Ord. 756 § 1, 2002]

1.20.020 Procedure.

When considering a resolution for passage, the common council shall proceed as follows:

A resolution may be passed at any meeting where the consideration of such resolution is on the regularly published agenda of the meeting distributed not less than two days before the meeting, provided the subject matter of the resolution is not a matter that under federal, Oregon, or local law (the Charter, or an ordinance), requires a specific type or kind of public hearing other than that provided in this chapter, or some additional notice or publication before passage. [Ord. 756 § 2, 2002]

1.20.030 Reading of resolutions.

When a resolution is presented for passage, the chair of the meeting shall provide for a reading of the number and title of the resolution along with a reasonable summary of the purpose(s) and intent(s) of the resolution, to include whether it will have financial impact on taxpayers, if so what the known or estimated impact will be, and allow for public comment before a vote for passage is taken. When called for a vote, the question is: Shall the resolution pass? [Ord. 756 § 3, 2002]