Chapter 10.50


10.50.010    Impoundment of vehicles.

10.50.020    Existing control devices and markings.

10.50.030    Penalties.

10.50.010 Impoundment of vehicles.

(1) When a vehicle is placed in a manner or location that constitutes an obstruction to traffic or a hazard to public safety, a police officer shall order the owner or operator of the vehicle to remove it. If the vehicle is unattended, the officer may cause the vehicle to be towed and stored at the owner’s expense. The owner shall be liable for the costs of towing and storing, even if the vehicle was parked by another or if the vehicle was initially parked in a safe manner but subsequently became an obstruction or hazard.

(2) The disposition of a vehicle towed and stored under authority of this section shall be in accordance with the procedures of the city relating to impoundment and disposition of vehicles abandoned on the city streets.

(3) The impoundment of a vehicle will not preclude the issuance of a citation for violation of a provision of this title.

(4) Stolen vehicles may be towed from public or private property and stored at the expense of the vehicle owner.

(5) Whenever a police officer observes a vehicle parked in violation of a provision of this title or state law, if the vehicle has five or more unpaid violations outstanding against it, the officer may, in addition to issuing a citation, cause the vehicle to be impounded. An impounded vehicle shall not be released until all outstanding fines and charges have been paid. Vehicles impounded under authority of this subsection shall be disposed of in the same manner as provided in subsection (2) of this section. [Ord. 642 § 66, 1988]

10.50.020 Existing control devices and markings.

Parking and traffic control devices and markings installed prior to the adoption of the ordinance codified in this title are lawfully authorized. [Ord. 642 § 67, 1988]

10.50.030 Penalties.

(1) Violation of Chapter 10.20 BMC is punishable by fine not to exceed $100.00.

(2) Violation of Chapters 10.25 through 10.40 BMC is punishable by fine not to exceed $50.00.

(3) Violation of a provision identical to a state statute is punishable by fine not to exceed the penalty prescribed by the state statute. [Ord. 642 § 69, 1988]