Chapter 12.05


12.05.010    Heavy objects on streets prohibited.

12.05.020    Exceptions.

12.05.030    Permits.

12.05.040    Bond.

12.05.050    Safety precautions.

12.05.060    Penalties.

12.05.070    Council resolutions.

12.05.010 Heavy objects on streets prohibited.

(1)(a) No person shall operate any vehicle or move any building, structure, article or material having a net or gross weight greater than 15,000 pounds across or along any residential street, except state highways, unless the street is posted to allow greater weight and the moving object does not exceed the posted weight. “Residential street” means any street within an area not zoned commercial or industrial.

(b) Notwithstanding subsection (1)(a) of this section and except as may be otherwise prohibited by law or ordinance, arterial streets, as designated by the city of Coos Bay comprehensive plan inventory, may be used for the operation of vehicles and for the moving of buildings, structures, articles or materials having a net or gross weight greater than 15,000 pounds. Arterial streets are:

U.S. 240 (Cape Arago Highway – Newmark, Broadway and Virginia);

U.S. 243 (Ocean Boulevard – Central, Commercial/Anderson);

U.S. 101 (Oregon Coast Highway – Bayshore Drive and Broadway);

Lakeshore Drive;

Newmark Avenue;

Woodland Drive and Broadway (North Bend);

10th Street;

Koosbay Boulevard;

Thompson Road;

4th Street;

Southwest Boulevard.

(2)(a) For the purpose of protecting the surface of the street, alley, roadway or other area, each owner/operator of a semi shall, at the time his or her semitrailer is parked on any city street, alley, roadway, or other area of city right-of-way which has been paved and is used for parking, place a board under the semitrailer landing gear, of sufficient length to span the feet of the landing gear, and of a width and thickness of not less than that provided by two-inch-by-six-inch dimensional lumber.

(b) Upon conviction, a fine of $500.00 shall be imposed upon any owner/operator violating the terms of subsection (2) of this section, along with an additional amount sufficient to cover the costs of restitution for repair of the city street, alley, roadway, or other area. [Ord. 289 § 1, 2000; Ord. 278 § 1, 1999; Ord. 124 § 1, 1988].

12.05.020 Exceptions.

Utility company vehicles, sanitation vehicles, moving vans, vehicles delivering home heating fuel, vehicles delivering equipment and material to be used in development and improvement, and delivery vehicles are not subject to this chapter when actually going to, performing, or coming from work within the corporate limits of the city. [Ord. 124 § 2, 1988].

12.05.030 Permits.

Upon application by a person other than listed in CBMC 12.05.020, the director of public works may issue a permit for moving a heavy object along a residential street. The permit must specifically describe the vehicle, building, structure, article or material and must be limited to the purpose for which the permit was requested. [Ord. 124 § 3, 1988].

12.05.040 Bond.

No permit shall be granted unless the applicant presents a bond in an amount satisfactory to the director of public works and has sureties satisfactory to the recorder in a form approved by the city attorney. The bond shall be conditioned for payment to the city of any loss, damage or injury caused by the vehicle or by the moving or transporting of a building, structure or article. [Ord. 124 § 4, 1988].

12.05.050 Safety precautions.

Any person operating under a permit shall use reasonable precautions not to injure the pavement or street surface, and shall comply with all instructions of the director of public works. [Ord. 124 § 5, 1988].

12.05.060 Penalties.

The penalties set forth in ORS 818.430 for excess weight are adopted and incorporated into this chapter as penalty provisions for this chapter. [Ord. 124 § 6, 1988].

12.05.070 Council resolutions.

The city council, under this chapter, can adopt resolutions regulating the weight upon city streets, except state highways, outside of residential areas. [Ord. 124 § 7, 1988].