Chapter 12.15


12.15.010    Intent.

12.15.020    Definitions.

12.15.030    Permit required.

12.15.040    Application for permit.

12.15.050    Fee.

12.15.060    Standards.

12.15.070    Sidewalk maintenance.

12.15.080    Unused service driveway access.

12.15.090    Enforcement.

12.15.100    Abatement.

12.15.010 Intent.

The restriction of property access and the regulation of the access construction is necessary to:

(1) Protect pedestrians by limiting the number of vehicle/pedestrian conflicts and by achieving a relatively uniform, safe walking surface.

(2) Conserve the maximum amount of on-street parking space.

(3) Clearly define traffic flow onto streets.

(4) Ensure proper sidewalk and street drainage by the design of the access.

(5) Increase the life of the access area by construction standards which can handle the vehicular load. [Ord. 84 § 1, 1986].

12.15.020 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise:

“Service driveway” means any area of public right-of-way serving as access to private property from an opened, dedicated public street or alley. [Ord. 84 § 2, 1986].

12.15.030 Permit required.

It shall be unlawful to construct, maintain or close any service driveway without securing a permit from the city of Coos Bay. [Ord. 84 § 3, 1986].

12.15.040 Application for permit.

An application for permit shall be filed in writing with the community development department showing the exact location of the access, the width of the access, the length of the driveway within the right-of-way, and the type of construction. The application shall be forwarded to and approved by the public works department. [Ord. 84 § 4, 1986].

12.15.050 Fee.

The fee for service driveway permits shall be set by resolution of council. [Ord. 84 § 5, 1986].

12.15.060 Standards.

Approval of the application, including width of access, shall be consistent with the intent of this chapter, and to allow reasonable use of the property served by such driveway, the service driveway shall in no event extend beyond the property lines of the owner requesting access. [Ord. 84 § 6, 1986].

12.15.070 Sidewalk maintenance.

No permit shall be granted unless the property owner constructs a concrete apron and/or maintains that portion of the existing sidewalk which will be used as a driveway according to the specifications and under the direction of the city engineer. Should the owner permit the driveway to become dangerous to the public for any reason, then the council may revoke any permit outstanding, with or without notice to the owner. [Ord. 84 § 7, 1986].

12.15.080 Unused service driveway access.

The curb cuts for unused service driveway accesses shall be restored at the expense of the abutting property owner within one year. [Ord. 84 § 8, 1986].

12.15.090 Enforcement.

Violation of a provision of this chapter is punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.00. Each day’s violation shall constitute a separate punishable offense. [Ord. 84 § 9, 1986].

12.15.100 Abatement.

Failure to comply with any of the provisions herein shall cause the service driveway to automatically constitute a public nuisance, and it may be abated pursuant to the procedure set forth in Chapter 8.10 CBMC, Public Nuisances. [Ord. 84 § 10, 1986].