Chapter 2.25


2.25.010    Powers of the municipal judge.

2.25.010 Powers of the municipal judge.

(A) The municipal judge shall have all inherent and statutory powers and duties of a justice of the peace within the jurisdictional limits of the city. The chief of police shall assist the judge in the serving of subpoenas.

(B) In addition to the city council’s ability to create, set, modify or eliminate fees and charges for the administration or necessity of the municipal court by way of resolution, the municipal judge may also create, set, modify or eliminate fees or costs deemed by the judge to be necessary or appropriate for the operation of the court. In the event the municipal judge exercises the authority granted by this subsection, he/she shall do so in writing by way of general order or court rule. [Ord. 791 § 1, 1998; Code 2000 § 2.355; Ord. 2013-001 § 1 (Exh. A), 2013. Formerly 2.25.110.]