Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Traffic violations bureau authorized.

2.30.020    Violations clerk duties.

2.30.030    Designation of offenses.

2.30.040    Schedule of fines.

2.30.050    Procedure.

2.30.060    Parking violations.

2.30.070    Multiple offenses.

2.30.010 Traffic violations bureau authorized.

The municipal court, when it determines that the efficient disposition of its business and the convenience of 40 persons charged so required, may establish a traffic court violations bureau and constitute the clerk or deputy clerk of the court or any other appropriate official within the jurisdiction in which the court is held as a violations clerk for the traffic court violations bureau. [Code 2000 § 2.405.]

2.30.020 Violations clerk duties.

The violations clerk shall accept written appearance, waiver of trial, plea of guilty and payment of fine and costs in traffic offense cases, subject to the provisions of this chapter. The violations clerk shall serve under the direction and control of the court. [Code 2000 § 2.410.]

2.30.030 Designation of offenses.

The court shall by order designate the traffic offenses within the authority of the violations clerk. Such offenses shall not include any major traffic offense. [Code 2000 § 2.415.]

2.30.040 Schedule of fines.

The court shall establish schedules, within the limits prescribed by law, of the amounts of fines to be imposed for first, second and subsequent offenses, designating each offense specifically. The order of the court establishing the schedules shall be prominently posted in the place where the fines are paid. Fines and costs shall be paid to, receipted by and accounted for by the violations clerk in the same manner as other fines and costs are received by the court. [Code 2000 § 2.420.]

2.30.050 Procedure.

Any person charged with any traffic offense within the authority of the violations clerk may, upon signing an appearance, plea of guilty and waiver of trial, pay the clerk the fine established for the offense charged, and costs. [Code 2000 § 2.425.]

2.30.060 Parking violations.

The court may by rule provide for the disposition of violations of ordinances and this code relating to parking by the violations clerk in the manner provided in CMC 2.30.040 and 2.30.050. [Code 2000 § 2.430.]

2.30.070 Multiple offenses.

A person who has been found guilty of, or who has signed a plea of guilty to, one or more previous traffic offenses in the preceding 12 months within the jurisdiction of the court shall not be permitted to appear before the violations clerk unless the court, by general order applying to certain specified offenses, permits such appearance. [Code 2000 § 2.435.]