Chapter 13.12


13.12.010    Minimum standards.

13.12.020    Nuisance abatement.

13.12.010 Minimum standards.

The rules and regulations governing the subsurface disposal of sewage of the Oregon State Health Division, Chapter 333, Oregon Administrative Rules adopted pursuant to authority granted in ORS 431.130 and 447.020, Sections 41-005 to 41-045 and additions and amendments thereto, are hereby adopted by reference as the regulations for Crook County, except as follows:

(1) A minimum of 100 feet exists between the absorptive facility and any well or domestic water source. (Ord. 3 § 12.010, 1973)

13.12.020 Nuisance abatement.

(1) In no case shall effluent from any plumbing fixture be allowed to discharge upon the surface of the ground or into any waters of the state of Oregon.

(2) No effluent from any domestic sewerage system shall be allowed to discharge into any river, stream, lake, irrigation canal or other body of water other than an approved sewage treatment lagoon.

(3) Sewage treatment lagoon wastes may be allowed in an irrigation canal with the approval of the irrigation district having jurisdiction and provided water from the canal is not used for a domestic water supply. (Ord. 3 § 12.020, 1973)