Chapter 13.08


13.08.010    Permits.

13.08.020    Application for permit.

13.08.030    Application approval or disapproval.

13.08.040    Permit issuance.

13.08.050    Permit time limits and extensions.

13.08.060    Permit denial.

13.08.070    Permit suspensions or revocation.

13.08.080    Permits public record.

13.08.090    Fees for issuance of permits.

13.08.100    Fee for on-site preliminary inspection.

13.08.110    Exemptions from fee.

13.08.120    Inspection.

13.08.130    Exemptions.

13.08.010 Permits.

(1) No person shall perform work unless he holds a permit issued by the director in the name of such person for the specific construction, installation, alteration, or extension proposed.

(2) Permits shall be obtained prior to commencement of any construction on a building which will require a sewage disposal system or any nonwater-carried sewage facility.

(a) In the event that the required permit is not obtained prior to commencement of such construction, the amount of the fee required by CCC 13.08.100 shall be doubled.

(b) In the event that a sewage disposal system is installed and covered without obtaining a permit, the entire system shall be exposed for inspection in addition to subsection (2)(a) of this section, unless waived by the director, and the criminal penalty as set down in CCC 13.28.030 may be imposed.

(3) Permits shall be issued only to persons licensed under ORS 447.033 or to an owner on the condition that the said owner or his regular employees perform all labor in connection with the work to be performed.

(a) Where a building is being constructed for sale purposes, sewage disposal installations shall be made by an installer licensed and bonded in the state of Oregon.

(b) For any new construction of a dwelling or commercial establishment, any person installing his own sewage disposal system on his own property shall be limited to one permit in any 12-month period, without being licensed and bonded. (Ord. 3 § 11.010, 1973)

13.08.020 Application for permit.

The applicant for any permit required by this division shall present a plot plan drawn to specifications showing lot boundaries and existing and proposed structures, including mobile homes, dwellings, outbuildings, sewage lines, drainfields or drill holes and water sources. In addition, location of sewage systems and wells of adjoining lots shall be shown unless waived by the director. The applicant for a permit shall include the home and business address of the applicant, the tax lot number and lot block or location of the property on which work is proposed, and such further information as may be required by the director to substantiate that the proposed work complies with recognized standards for such construction, and applicable federal, state and local regulations.

In addition to the foregoing, the director may require supplemental information in the form of field tests, engineering reports, and inspections of the property to determine the water table, free water, type of soil, percolation rates, permeability and other features that pertain to the installation of the proposed sewage disposal facility. Applications for permits required by this division shall be made at the Crook County health office. (Ord. 3 § 11.020, 1973)

13.08.030 Application approval or disapproval.

The director shall within five working days examine any application for a permit and shall:

(1) Approve the application as presented; or

(2) Approve the application, provided certain modifications are made; or

(3) Disapprove the application. In this case, the director shall furnish a written statement to the applicant setting forth the reason for disapproval. This division in no way obligates the Crook County health office to offer engineering or technical advice. (Ord. 3 § 11.030, 1973)

13.08.040 Permit issuance.

After receipt of an application and the permit fee, the director shall issue a permit if he finds that the proposed work will be in compliance with this division, and the rules and regulations of the state of Oregon. The permit shall be refused if a community- or area-wide sewerage system is available which will satisfactorily accommodate the sewage proposed to be discharged. (Ord. 3 § 11.040, 1973)

13.08.050 Permit time limits and extensions.

The date of the permit shall be the date of issue; the permit shall expire one year after the date of issue. Extensions of time shall be at the discretion of the director and an additional fee may be charged for extensions of a permit. (Ord. 3 § 11.050, 1973)

13.08.060 Permit denial.

Violation of any minimum standard set forth in CCC 13.12.010 shall constitute grounds for denial. (Ord. 3 § 11.060, 1973)

13.08.070 Permit suspensions or revocation.

The director may, in writing, suspend or revoke a permit issued under the provisions of this division when:

(1) The permit has been issued in error or on the basis of incorrect information supplied to the director.

(2) For failure to comply with the provisions of the permit.

(3) For failure to comply with local and state regulations regarding installation of sewage disposal systems. (Ord. 3 § 11.070, 1973)

13.08.080 Permits public record.

It is hereby specified that permits issued under this division are public records and will be kept on file at the Crook County health office. (Ord. 3 § 11.080, 1973)

13.08.090 Fees for issuance of permits.

Applications for permits required by this division shall be accompanied by a fee in an amount established by order of the county court. (Ord. 3 § 11.090, 1973)

13.08.100 Fee for on-site preliminary inspection.

(1) The fee for preliminary inspection on an individual lot shall be 10 percent of the permit fee. In the event that a permit is issued within 60 days, this fee shall be applied to the permit fee.

(2) Applications for preliminary inspection for the purpose of subdividing or partitioning land shall be accompanied by a fee in an amount established by order of the county court. (Ord. 3 § 11.100, 1973)

13.08.110 Exemptions from fee.

The state of Oregon, the United States of America, and any agency thereof, and any municipal corporation or political subdivision of the state of Oregon or of the United States of America shall be exempt from paying any fee for a sewage disposal permit. (Ord. 3 § 11.110, 1973)

13.08.120 Inspection.

Upon completion of the construction, installation, or other work contemplated by a permit issued under this division, upon notification by the permit holder, the director shall cause an inspection to be made and shall either issue a certificate of satisfactory completion or shall withhold said certificate of satisfactory completion or shall withhold said certificate until such time as it is determined that there is compliance with this division.

(1) Notification shall be made by submission to the director of a completed “record of individual sewage disposal system.”

(2) In the event the director does not inspect the work within three working days from the date of notification, a certificate of satisfactory completion shall be deemed to have been issued.

(3) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, no person shall operate or use any subsurface disposal system or portion thereof for which no permit has been issued or until a certificate of satisfactory completion has been issued.

(4) No system shall be covered until:

(a) Director has inspected the system and issued a certificate of satisfactory completion; or

(b) Three work days have elapsed from the date of notification; or

(c) Inspection has been waived by the director. (Ord. 3 § 11.120, 1973)

13.08.130 Exemptions.

This division shall not apply to:

(1) Parking and occupancy of a house trailer on a site in a licensed trailer park.

(2) Changing to sewage disposal system for a building to connect it to a city sewage disposal system.

The exemptions provided in this section shall be a matter of affirmative defense in any litigation, criminal or civil, of the enforcement of this division, where it may be sought to be established that any such exemption is relevant to the facts of the case. (Ord. 3 § 11.130, 1973)