Chapter 2.15


2.15.010    Bond of recorder.

2.15.020    Ordinance book, journal, and ledger.

2.15.030    Record of licenses.

2.15.040    Record of warrants.

2.15.050    Payment of warrants.

2.15.060    Reports of recorder.

2.15.070    Salary of recorder.

2.15.080    Powers and duties of recorder.

2.15.090    Acting recorder.

2.15.100    Offices separate.

2.15.010 Bond of recorder.

Before entering upon the duties of his or her office, the recorder shall file with the council his or her official bond with his or her official oath endorsed thereon that he or she will faithfully demean himself or herself in office. The bond shall call for the penal sum of $250,000, with sureties approved by the council, conditioned that he or she will faithfully discharge his or her duties as recorder, account for and pay over all money to the treasurer, and turn over to his or her successor in office all books, papers or property belonging to the city that come into his or her hands by virtue of his or her office. The premiums on the bond shall be paid out of the city treasury. The recorder’s bond may also be the treasurer’s bond when the same person holds both offices. [Ord. 865 § 1, 1984; Ord. 213 § 1, 1939.]

2.15.020 Ordinance book, journal, and ledger.

The recorder shall attend all meetings of the council and keep a correct record of the proceedings of that body in a bound book provided for that purpose. He shall also, if the council so direct, record in a well-bound book to be called the Book of Ordinances all ordinances passed by the council. He shall keep in a well-bound journal and ledger in the usual form of single entry bookkeeping accounts between the recorder and the city, the treasurer and the city, and the chief of police and the city, in which he shall charge each of these officers with whatever the officer receives belonging to the city and credit each of them with whatever he accounts for satisfactorily to the council. [Ord. 374, 1959; Ord. 213 § 2, 1939.]

2.15.030 Record of licenses.

He shall keep a book called the Record of Licenses which shall show the name of each applicant for a license, the date of granting the license, the occupation for which the license was granted, and the date of its expiration. [Ord. 213 § 3, 1939.]

2.15.040 Record of warrants.

The recorder shall keep a book called the Record of Warrants in which he shall enter in different columns the number, date, and amount of each warrant issued, the name of the person to whom issued, and the date of cancellation whenever the same has been returned canceled. [Ord. 213 § 4, 1939.]

2.15.050 Payment of warrants.

When any account has been allowed and ordered paid by the council, the recorder shall draw his warrant on the city treasurer therefor and make a record of the warrant as provided in this chapter, and when the treasurer returns the warrant as canceled, the recorder shall enter the date of cancellation in the Record of Warrants as provided in this section, after which the canceled warrant shall be destroyed. [Ord. 213 § 5, 1939.]

2.15.060 Reports of recorder.

He shall report to the council at the regular meetings in January, April, July, and October all fines collected for violation of ordinances, the number and character of licenses issued, and a list of warrants drawn on the treasurer, and shall make a similar report at its regular meeting in December, with a summary of all his transactions for the city during the year. [Ord. 213 § 6, 1939.]

2.15.070 Salary of recorder.

The recorder shall receive such salary as the common council may determine. [Ord. 252 §  1, 1942; Ord. 213 § 7, 1939.]

2.15.080 Powers and duties of recorder.

In the absence of the mayor and president of the council the recorder shall preside over the deliberation of the council. He shall pay into the city treasury within three days after receipt of the same all moneys received by him belonging to the city. He shall carry out the duties of the clerk of the municipal court as prescribed by this code. He shall be custodian of the corporate seal of the city and shall affix the same to all documents issued by him as such recorder. He shall keep on file in his office, under appropriate headings, all documents belonging to the city. He shall carry out all the duties as prescribed in the city charter for the recorder. [Ord. 373, 1959; Ord. 213 § 8, 1939.]

2.15.090 Acting recorder.

In case of illness or temporary absence of the recorder, the mayor may appoint, with the consent of the council, as acting recorder any person having the qualifications of a recorder. The person whom he designates shall forthwith take the oath of office and perform the duties of recorder during the recorder’s temporary absence or inability to act, and he shall receive such salary as the council may determine. [Ord. 506 § 1, 1966; Ord. 213 § 9, 1939.]

2.15.100 Offices separate.

The office of finance director/city recorder shall be separated, creating a position of finance director and a position of city recorder. [Ord. 1125 § 1, 2004.]