Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Bond of chief of police.

2.30.020    Duties of chief of police.

2.30.030    Compensation of chief of police.

2.30.040    County sheriff’s department.

2.30.010 Bond of chief of police.

The chief of police, before entering upon the duties of his office, shall give his official oath that he will faithfully demean himself in office, and also shall file a bond to the city in the penal sum of $1,000, with sureties approved by the council, conditioned that he will faithfully discharge his duties as chief of police, account for and pay over to the treasurer all money which he receives in the discharge of his duty for the city, and turn over to his successor all books, papers, and property belonging to the city that may come into his hands by virtue of his office. [Ord. 374, 1959; Ord. 213 § 10, 1939.]

2.30.020 Duties of chief of police.

The chief of police or his designate shall execute all processes directed to him by the municipal judge or any magistrate of the state. He shall attend regularly the meetings of the council. He or his designate may make arrests for a breach of the peace, for a violation of any city ordinance, or for a commission of crime within the city limits, as any peace officer may do under the laws of the state. When any person doing business within the city, or engaged in any occupation for which a city license is required, neglects or refuses to take out the license, the chief of police or his designate shall inform against and prosecute such person before the municipal judge, and enforce the payment of the license fee from the delinquent. In the discharge of his duties, he shall exercise vigilant control over the peace and best interests of the city. [Ord. 932 § 1, 1989; Ord. 374, 1959; Ord. 213 § 11, 1939.]

2.30.030 Compensation of chief of police.

The chief of police shall receive such salary as the common council may determine. [Ord. 374, 1959; Ord. 213 § 12, 1939.]

2.30.040 County sheriff’s department.

During the time the law enforcement activities of the city are being performed by the Lane County sheriff’s department, the sheriff’s deputy in charge of law enforcement activities for Junction City shall be deemed to be the chief of police for purposes of any acts required to be performed by the Junction City chief of police, except that no bond shall be required of him, nor shall he be required to attend regularly the meetings of the council and the sittings of the municipal court. [Ord. 746 § 1, 1978; Ord. 213 § 10A, 1939.]