Chapter 2.45


2.45.010    Building official.

2.45.020    Duties of the building official.

2.45.010 Building official.

The mayor may, with the consent of the council, appoint a building official, who shall serve until the mayor with the consent of the council sees fit to dispense with his services, or until his successor is appointed. [Ord. 791 § 3, 1979; Ord. 213 § 19, 1939.]

2.45.020 Duties of the building official.

In addition to those duties specially prescribed in other ordinances, the building official shall perform inspection of new construction for compliance with state codes, and existing structures for compliance with city ordinances. He shall review plans for completeness, accuracy, and conformance with applicable codes, ordinances and standards. He shall possess such qualifications and certifications as the council may from time to time require. [Ord. 791 § 3, 1979; Ord. 213 § 20, 1939.]