Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Superintendent of public works.

2.40.020    Duties of the superintendent of public works.

2.40.010 Superintendent of public works.

The mayor may, with the approval of the council, appoint a superintendent of public works, who shall serve until the mayor or council sees fit to dispense with his services or until his successor is appointed. [Ord. 589 § 1, 1972; Ord. 213 § 16, 1939.]

2.40.020 Duties of the superintendent of public works.

In addition to those duties specially prescribed in other ordinances, the superintendent of public works shall have general supervision of the construction, maintenance and repair of the city’s streets, sidewalks, alleys and public grounds, water and sewer systems. He shall see that all sidewalks and crosswalks are kept in repair and free from debris of all kinds. He shall execute all orders of the council or its street and alley committee for the construction and repair of sidewalks and crosswalks and shall superintend all such work. He shall serve notice on any and all persons who neglectfully or willfully obstruct the sidewalks, crosswalks, streets or alleys of the city to remove such obstruction. [Ord. 589 § 2, 1972; Ord. 213 § 17, 1939.]