Chapter 2.55


2.55.010    Designated.

2.55.020    Findings of fact.

2.55.030    Rules prescribed.

2.55.040    Rules subject to review.

2.55.050    Repealed.

2.55.060    Exemption procedures.

2.55.070    Model cost accounting guidelines.

2.55.010 Designated.

The city council is hereby designated to continue as the local contract review board of the city and shall have all of the rights, powers and authority necessary to carry out the provisions of ORS Chapters 279A, 279B, and 279C (the “Public Contracting Code”) and attached rules. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the definitions established in the attached rules apply herein. The term “contracting agency” as used in the attached rules includes contracting agency’s chief administrative officer, his or her designee, or any other purchasing agent, as designated by city policy. Those individuals are hereby designated as the city’s contracting agency and may exercise all authorities, powers and duties granted to a contracting agency under the Public Contracting Code and attached rules, unless otherwise established by city policy. [Ord. 1143 § 1, 2005.]

2.55.020 Findings of fact.

The above recitals are hereby adopted by the city council, sitting as the local contract review board, as findings of fact supporting approval of the council’s request for classes of special procurement and public improvement contract exemptions. [Ord. 1143 § 2, 2005.]

2.55.030 Rules prescribed.

The model rules adopted by the Attorney General pursuant to ORS 279A.065 do not apply to the city. Instead, the city hereby prescribes the following rules, which include portions of the Attorney General’s model rules, as the rules of procedure that the city will use for its public contracting: Public Contracting Rules, Chapter 137, Divisions 46, 47, 48 and 49. While the numbering of these rules reflects the numbering system of the Attorney General’s model rules, they incorporate city changes to the model rules, and, therefore, are not the Attorney General’s promulgated administrative rules. City exemptions are also set forth in these rules, as numbered Exemptions 1 through 18 (E-1 through E-18). All above-referenced rules are attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter and incorporated herein by this reference. [Ord. 1143 § 3, 2005.]

2.55.040 Rules subject to review.

In accordance with ORS 279A.065(5)(b), the city shall review its public contracting rules, adopted herein, each time the Attorney General modifies its model rules in order to determine whether amendments are required to ensure statutory compliance. [Ord. 1143 § 4, 2005.]

2.55.050 Amendments.

Repealed by Ord. 1216. [Ord. 1143 § 5, 2005.]

2.55.060 Exemption procedures.

Special procurement requests and approvals shall be made in accordance with Division 47 of the attached rules and ORS 279B.085. Public improvement contract exemption procedures, including notice and public hearing requirements, shall be in accordance with Division 49 of the attached rules and ORS 279C.335. [Ord. 1143 § 6, 2005.]

2.55.070 Model cost accounting guidelines.

The model cost accounting guidelines developed by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, pursuant to Section 3, Chapter 869, Oregon Laws 1979, are hereby adopted as the city’s cost accounting system to apply to public improvement projects exceeding $5,000 and constructed with city’s own equipment or personnel (ORS 279C.310). For such public improvement projects estimated to cost more than $125,000, the city shall also comply with the requirements of ORS 279C.305(3). [Ord. 1143 § 7, 2005.]