Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Establishment.

2.60.020    Public library board.

2.60.030    Board organization.

2.60.040    Duties.

2.60.050    Method of financing library.

2.60.060    Willful detention of library property.

2.60.070    Penalties.

2.60.010 Establishment.

The city of Junction City public library is hereby established. [Ord. 747 § 1, 1979.]

2.60.020 Public library board.

A. The city of Junction City public library shall be governed by a five-member library board, the majority of members of which shall be residents of the city of Junction City.

B. Appointments to the library board shall be made by the mayor with the approval of the city council. The persons presently serving on the library board shall serve the remaining portions of their terms. One member shall hold office until July 1, 1979; one member shall hold office until July 1, 1980; two members shall hold office until July 1, 1981; and one member shall hold office until July 1, 1982. All subsequent appointments shall be for a term of four years, which shall begin on July 1st in the year the appointment is made. Vacancies or resignations shall be filled by appointment to fill the unexpired term, and the appointment shall be effective on the date specified by the mayor.

C. No person shall hold appointment as a member of the library board for more than two successive terms, but any person may be appointed again to the board after an interval of one year. [Ord. 747 § 2, 1979.]

2.60.030 Board organization.

The library board shall each year between July 1st and July 31st meet and organize by the election of a chairman from among its members. The librarian shall serve as secretary to the library board and keep the records of its actions. [Ord. 747 § 3, 1979.]

2.60.040 Duties.

The library board shall:

A. Recommend to the mayor candidates for appointment as librarian.

B. Formulate rules and policies for the governance of the library. The council retains the right to review and change any rule or policy made by the board.

C. Prepare an annual budget for submission to the city council.

D. Approve all expenditures from the Junction City public library fund in compliance with local budget law, ORS 294.305 through 294.520.

E. Accept, use and expend any real or personal property or funds donated to the Junction City public library, except that each donation shall be administered in accordance with its terms, and all property or funds shall be held in the name of the city of Junction City. [Ord. 889 § 1, 1986; Ord. 747 § 4, 1979.]

2.60.050 Method of financing library.

The Junction City public library shall be financed by property tax levies, fines, federal and state grants, gifts and donations. For the year 1978–79, the tax levy necessary to provide for the library is budgeted in the sum of $21,152. The estimated amount of annual tax levy necessary to provide for the library in subsequent years shall be approximately the same amount, unless changed by the budget committee, or council, or both. [Ord. 747 § 5, 1979.]

2.60.060 Willful detention of library property.

It shall be unlawful for any person willfully or maliciously to detain any Junction City public library materials belonging to the library for 30 days after notice in writing from the librarian given after the expiration time which by regulations of the library such materials may be kept. [Ord. 747 § 6, 1979.]

2.60.070 Penalties.

Violation of this chapter is punishable upon conviction by a fine of not less than $10.00 nor more than $50.00. Such conviction and payment of the fine shall not be construed to constitute payment for library materials, nor shall a person convicted under this section be thereby relieved of any obligation to return to the library such material. [Ord. 747 § 7, 1979.]