Chapter 1.15


1.15.010    Purpose.

1.15.020    County emblem.

1.15.030    Appointment of supervisor.

1.15.040    Use of county emblem.

1.15.050    Improper use of county emblem.

1.15.060    Enforcement.

1.15.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to designate an official Marion County emblem and to ensure that it is used only by the county or its authorized representatives. [Ord. 815 § 1, 1989.]

1.15.020 County emblem.

The Marion County emblem in color or monochrome shall be the following:

[Ord. 815 § 2, 1989.]

1.15.030 Appointment of supervisor.

The board of commissioners may appoint an individual to supervise all use of the county emblem. [Ord. 815 § 3, 1989.]

1.15.040 Use of county emblem.

The county emblem may be used by county officials, employees, agents and departments in the course of official county business. [Ord. 815 § 4, 1989.]

1.15.050 Improper use of county emblem.

Except as set forth in MCC 1.15.040, no person or entity shall use or reproduce the county emblem in color or monochrome unless authorized to do so in writing by the board of commissioners or its appointed supervisor. [Ord. 815 § 5, 1989.]

1.15.060 Enforcement.

This chapter shall be enforced pursuant to Chapter 1.25 MCC. [Ord. 815 § 6, 1989.]