Chapter 3.10


3.10.010    Purpose and intent.

3.10.020    Fees.

3.10.030    Placement of revenue.

3.10.010 Purpose and intent.

Whereas ORS 203.035 through 203.065 give general law counties in Oregon the authority to adopt ordinances over matters of local concern; and ORS 192.440 authorizes the county to establish fees for the costs of making public records available; and

Whereas the Marion County board of commissioners has previously adopted Ordinance No. 610 in order to recover the costs to Marion County for providing research, reproduction, and calculation services to the public; and that such costs are over and above the ordinary costs of statutorily required operations and services; and that such costs have changed substantially since November 2, 1983, the date Ordinance No. 610 was amended by Ordinance No. 658; and that it is reasonable and necessary to further revise the assessor’s fee schedule to recover such changed costs, which are set forth in a schedule entitled Exhibit A in MCC 3.10.020;

Therefore, it is the purpose and intent of this chapter to repeal Ordinance No. 658 and to amend Ordinance No. 610 to establish a new fee schedule for the office of the assessor as noted hereinafter in order that the county may be reimbursed for certain of the costs incurred in providing the above services. [Ord. 694 § 1, 1984; Ord. 610 § 1, 1981.]

3.10.020 Fees.

Beginning as of December 31, 1984, the fees as set forth in Exhibit A shall be charged for reproduction, calculation and research costs as noted therein.

Exhibit A
Assessor’s Fee Schedule

Computation of potential additional taxes on specifically assessed land (farm-use or forest land value). The fee will be applied towards the taxes, provided the time period between the request for computation and application for withdrawal of the land from the specially assessed category is less than 90 days. There is no refund in the event the additional taxes are less than the fee.


Tax prepayment computations on subdivisions, which require computation of potential additional taxes on specially assessed land (90-day provision above applies to $82.50 of the fee).


Tax prepayment computations on subdivisions which do not require computation of potential additional taxes on specially assessed land.


Processing declarations, floor plans and plats of property being submitted to the provisions of the unit ownership laws (condominiums).

$110.00, plus $5.50/unit


Assessment roll:



Single page – 1 copy



Alphabetical index



Situs address – 1 copy


Hard Copy Printing

Minimum of 3 orders before produced.


Alphabetical index – 1 copy



Situs address



Sales runs:




Semiannual listing




Annual listing




Weekly – 1 copy

$10.00/month, or $120.00/year


CRT printouts


Other computer printouts – due to the wide variations that may exist on computer time and volume of material, custom runs will be priced out on a quote basis, with a $15.00 fee for developing the quote (nonrefundable).

Maps – Blue Line Copies


Size 18" x 20" (each)

Size 30" x 36" (each)

1 – 10



11 – 20



21 – 30



31 – 50



51 and over



Odd Size Maps (any map requiring special sizing of blue printing paper) – $0.30/sq. ft.

Maps – Mylar – Black and White or Sepia Tone


Size 18" x 24" (each)

Computer Run

1 – 10


Ownership fly sheets: $1.10 each map

11 – 20



21 – 30



31 – 50



51 and over



Miscellaneous Xerox Copies

Microfiche – 1 line item:


Assessment roll data



Value change notice


Appraisal cards – per account


Personal property return – per account (available only to taxpayer or authorized representative by written or signed order)


Certified copies of certificate of taxes paid on mobile homes – per account


Miscellaneous documents per page



Record check for ownership:


Real property, per account



Personal property, per account



Other record search:




Areas, verifications, etc.

$7.00 per hour + copies

Legal descriptions:



Copies per account


Fees will be examined annually as of July and may be adjusted at the discretion of the assessor in a dollar amount not to exceed the annual percentage change in the Consumer Price Index, as measured for Portland, Oregon. Any such fee adjustment shall be set forth in a modified fee schedule to be attached to this chapter.

Commercial organizations desiring to microfilm the master cartographic cadastral maps may do so during nonduty hours, under the following conditions:


Advance contractual agreement with Marion County dealing with security of the building and utilization of volunteer cartographic technicians with adequate skills and knowledge to the satisfaction of the assessor. Payment of a fee of $0.25 per map copied. Supply the assessor with a duplicate reel (film) of all maps copied.

[Ord. 694 § 2, 1984; Ord. 610 § 2, 1981.]

3.10.030 Placement of revenue.

Any revenue recovered pursuant to this chapter shall be deposited as follows:

A. All monies received as a result of map reproduction shall be deposited in the map fund;

B. All other monies received pursuant to this chapter shall be deposited in the Marion County general fund. [Ord. 610 § 3, 1981.]