Chapter 3.20


3.20.010    Purpose.

3.20.020    Adoption of fee schedule.

3.20.010 Purpose.

The Marion County board of commissioners received a recommendation from the Marion County surveyor concerning the establishment of fees and service charges as set forth in MCC 3.20.020. Marion County is authorized to adopt these fees pursuant to the general authority granted by ORS 203.035 and 203.115 and the specific authority granted by ORS 92.065, 92.100, 92.170, 100.115, 209.020, 209.030, 209.140, 209.255, 209.260 and 271.230. [Ord. 1150 § 1, 2001.]

3.20.020 Adoption of fee schedule.

The fees and charges set forth below to be charged by the Marion County surveyor are hereby adopted.

Marion County Surveyor’s Fees (Effective October 1, 2001)


Survey Checking/Recording Fee: $175.00. (ORS 209.260)


City Plat Checking/Recording Fee: $225.00. (ORS 209.260)1


Subdivision Plat Check: $730.00 + $35.00/lot + $30.00/acre (if average size of lots is over 15,000 sq. ft.).


Postmonumentation Subdivision Plat Check: $900.00 + $50.00/lot + $30.00/acre (if average size of lots is over 15,000 sq. ft.) + $10.00/lot for each additional postmonumentation phase + bond, cash deposit or other security equal to 120 percent of the estimated cost of the interior monumentation required). (ORS 92.065 and 92.100)1


Replatting Plat: $375.00 checking/recording fee. This fee is for a replatting of subdivision or partition plat when a utility easement is proposed to be realigned, reduced in width or omitted and/or if any building setback is proposed to be reduced in width. Any reconfiguration of lots or parcels shall be charged the fees for a normal subdivision or partition. (ORS 92.180 and 92.185)1


Partition Plat Check: $500.00 checking/recording fee. (ORS 92.100)


Condominium Plat Check: Actual cost + $175.00 survey checking/recording fee. (ORS 100.115)2


Cemetery Plat Check: Actual cost + $175.00 survey checking/recording fee. (ORS 92.100)2


Interior/Remaining Monumentation Affidavit: $75.00 + $10.00/plat page + $10.00/monument change. (ORS 92.070)


Reestablishment of Plat Monuments (Plat Surveyor within two years): $75.00 + $10.00/plat page + $10.00/monument. (ORS 92.070)


Personnel Hourly Rates: (ORS 92.100, 209.020, 209.030, 209.070, and 209.140) for public assistance and research; court-ordered surveys; repeated calculations or erroneous data; repeated field inspections due to erroneously placed, disturbed, or destroyed monuments, changes and errors on plats, etc. This additional fee applies to surveys, subdivision plats, partition plats, condominium plats, and cemetery plats.


County office personnel: $60.00/hour. Minimum charge: $20.00.


County field personnel: Two-person crew = $120.00/hour + $5.00/hour for vehicle + $10.00/hour for field equipment. Minimum charge: $20.00.


Private surveyor’s field personnel (subdivision field checking): Actual cost.


“Express Handling Fee”: Any customer can request express handling of subdivision plats, cemetery plats, partition plats, replatting plats, condominium plats, and surveys.


The “express handling fee” for partition plats, replatting plats, and surveys will be 1.75 or 2.5 times the fees noted above.


The “express handling fee” for subdivisions is based on the following formula:



Subdivision Base Fee of $730.00 or $900.00 (as noted above) + Per Lot fee of $35.00 or $50.00 (as noted above) = subtotal. The express handling fee is 1.75 times the subtotal.



Other fees and bonds (noted above) that cover large lots, postmonumentation bonds, and additional postmonumentation phases will also be charged, without the 1.75 multiplier, when required.


The “express handling fee” for cemeteries and condominiums will be 1.75 times the actual cost and $175.00 survey checking/recording fee.


The Marion County surveyor’s office will only guarantee performance in the areas that we have control over. The customer and surveyor’s office will need to enter into an “Express Handling Agreement” before this service will be provided.

Fees collected by the county clerk (in addition to any other fees) and forwarded to the county surveyor for performing the following:


Record of Vacating: $75.00. (ORS 271.230)


Affidavit of Correction or Amendment: $75.00.


(ORS 92.170, 100.115, and 209.255)


Survey, Subdivision Plat, Partition Plat, and Condominium Plat


Street Name Changes on Plats: $75.00. (ORS 227.120)

1    The fee for plats checked by a city surveyor under ORS 92.100(1) must be paid before any such plat is reviewed by the county or recorded.

2    For condominium and cemetery plats, the actual cost shall be estimated and a deposit of 120 percent shall be submitted prior to review. Any deficiency shall be paid prior to plat approval and any excess shall be refunded within 60 days of plat recording.

[Ord. 1150 § 2, 2001.]