Chapter 11.45


11.45.010    Creation of road hazard prohibited.

11.45.020    Defense.

11.45.030    Penalty.

11.45.010 Creation of road hazard prohibited.

An owner or lawful occupant of land shall not allow:

A. Any water to overflow, seep or otherwise discharge from that land onto a public road under county jurisdiction including, but not limited to, water that is passing over the land, diverted from the land by an obstruction on the land, or flowing from the land because of rainfall or discharge from an irrigation sprinkler or other device.

B. Any structure, tree, drainage way, soil deposit or other natural or manmade thing on that land to present a danger to or create a hazard for the public traveling on a public road or facilities within the right-of-way of the public road by obstructing, hanging over or otherwise encroaching or threatening to encroach in any manner on a public road that is under county jurisdiction. [Ord. 1084 § 1, 1998.]

11.45.020 Defense.

A person is not in violation of MCC 11.45.010 if there is no reasonable method for the person to control, stop or remove the cause of the violation. [Ord. 1084 § 2, 1998.]

11.45.030 Penalty.

Violation of this chapter shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $200.00. [Ord. 1084 § 3, 1998.]