Chapter 5.15


5.15.010    Authorized.

5.15.020    Definitions.

5.15.030    License required.

5.15.040    License not transferable.

5.15.050    License – Permits – Regulations – Fees.

5.15.060    Revocation of license or permits.

5.15.070    Regulations.

5.15.080    Penalty.

5.15.010 Authorized.

The playing or conducting of a social game in a private club or in a place of public accommodation, where no house player, house bank, or house odds exist and there is no house income from the operation of the social game, is authorized in accordance with the provisions of ORS 167.117 through 167.121. [Ord. 426 § 1, 1994].

5.15.020 Definitions.

Definitions as per ORS 167.117. [Ord. 426 § 2, 1994].

5.15.030 License required.

No private business, private club, or place of public accommodation shall engage in, carry on, maintain or conduct any social game without first obtaining a license from the city recorder upon resolution made and passed by the city council.

For each premises licensed, the fees per year are payable in advance and are $100.00 per year.

Fees shall not be prorated. [Ord. 449, 1995; Ord. 426 § 3, 1994].

5.15.040 License not transferable.

Pursuant to this chapter, no social game license shall be assignable or transferable. The addition or the substitution of a person financially interested in a licensed business shall be reported immediately to the city council, who shall order an investigation by the police department. The change shall be approved or denied by the city council. Application for change of financial ownership shall be accompanied by a $50.00 nonrefundable investigation fee. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 426 § 4, 1994].

5.15.050 License – Permits – Regulations – Fees.

The city of Pilot Rock shall prepare license forms which permit the conduction of social games upon the licensee’s premises. The license shall run from January 1st to December 31st of each year. The city council is delegated the authority to amend the rates by resolution and to also make periodic adjustments of the rates by resolution. [Ord. 426 § 5, 1994].

5.15.060 Revocation of license or permits.

A permit for any person operating games may be revoked or not renewed by the city if the holder of said license is convicted of any federal, state, or city law, statute or ordinance, or social gaming violation and after a hearing by the city council. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 426 § 6, 1994].

5.15.070 Regulations.

(1) No social games shall be played or permitted in any private business, private club or place of public accommodation between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

(2) There shall be a limit on any bet of $10.00 and a three-raise limit on any social game.

(3) Licensees holding or obtaining licenses and permits under the provisions of this chapter shall agree to be bound by and observe the terms, conditions and provisions of this chapter and of the regulations and rules established thereby.

(4) Each of the games conducted or operated in the city under the provisions of this chapter with respect to social gaming shall be subject to the provisions of state law and ordinance of the city.

(5) All social games shall be open to police inspection during the hours of operation. Doors leading into the social games must remain unlocked during the hours of operation. Social game licenses and permits shall be available for inspection during the hours of operation.

(6) No person under the age of 21 years shall be permitted to participate in a card game or to enter or remain upon cardroom premises. [Ord. 426 § 7, 1994].

5.15.080 Penalty.

Violation of this chapter is punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,250. Each day’s violation constitutes a separate offense. [Ord. 426 § 8, 1994].