Chapter 5.20


5.20.010    License required – Application.

5.20.020    License fees.

5.20.030    Distributor license and fee.

5.20.040    Appeal.

5.20.050    Penalties.

Prior legislation: Ords. 201 and 364.

5.20.010 License required – Application.

All persons or business establishments desiring to place or locate for operation in the city of Pilot Rock any pinball games, coin-operated amusement device, trade stimulator, or bingo spindles shall make written application to the city council for a license to operate such devices.

(1) The application shall show the name, address and place of business of the applicant; and the number of devices that are to be licensed.

(2) The city council shall cause an investigation to be made of the applicant and the place the applicant desires to place or locate the machine or device. If after obtaining a report of the investigation, the council approves the granting of the license applied for, they shall instruct the city recorder to issue such license.

(3) When an application is disapproved by the council, it shall instruct the city recorder to note such disapproval upon the face of the application and return it to the applicant. [Ord. 497 § 1, 2002].

5.20.020 License fees.

On approval of the written application by the city council, the following license fees shall become due and payable:

(1) License Fees.

(a) Each pinball game: $10.00 per calendar year.

(b) Each coin-operated amusement device (except vending and music machines): $10.00 per calendar year.

(c) Each bingo spindle: $20.00 per calendar year.

(2) All license fees shall be paid at time of application approval, and there shall be no prorate as to time of issuance during the year.

(3) Display of License. A license issued under this chapter shall be conspicuously posted at all times.

(4) A license issued to any applicant may be revoked or suspended for the unexpired term thereof for any violation or similar offense pertaining to the license of amusement device which the council may deem sufficient to cause revocation. The council may also renew the license on a year-to-year basis provided the license fees are paid. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 497 § 2, 2002].

5.20.030 Distributor license and fee.

Each distributor of any trade stimulators, pinball games, coin-operated amusement devices, or bingo spindles shall conform with PRMC 5.20.010 and, upon approval of the application by the city council, shall pay a license fee of $50.00 per calendar year. All license fees shall be paid at time of application approval; there shall be no prorate as to time of issuance during the year. Upon request of the city council, licensed distributors shall furnish the number of devices covered by this chapter. This list shall be furnished at no cost to the city. [Ord. 497 § 3, 2002].

5.20.040 Appeal.

An applicant may request an appeal hearing before the city council for any disapproved application. The request for appeal must be submitted in writing to the city recorder’s office within five days of the notice of disapproval. The hearing will be set for the next regularly scheduled city council meeting. [Ord. 497 § 4, 2002].

5.20.050 Penalties.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be punished upon conviction in the municipal court by a fine up to $300.00. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 497 § 5, 2002].