Chapter 9.20


9.20.010    Added to penalty for violation.

9.20.020    Credited to police training account.

9.20.030    Amount.

9.20.040    Bail – Added to deposit.

9.20.050    Bail – Effect of forfeiture or return.

9.20.060    Use of funds.

9.20.010 Added to penalty for violation.

Whenever the municipal court of the city of Pilot Rock imposes a fine or orders a bail forfeiture, as a penalty for a violation of an ordinance of the city, except relating to violations which are also crimes under state law and relating to cars unlawfully left or parked, an assessment in addition to such fine, bail forfeiture or an assessment levied under state law shall be collected. [Ord. 506 § 1, 2004].

9.20.020 Credited to police training account.

The assessment shall be paid to the Pilot Rock city recorder and credited to the police training account. [Ord. 506 § 2, 2004].

9.20.030 Amount.

The amount of the assessment shall be $2.00 per violation. [Ord. 506 § 3, 2004].

9.20.040 Bail – Added to deposit.

When any deposit for bail is made for an offense to which this chapter applies, the person making such deposit shall also deposit a sufficient amount to include the assessment prescribed in PRMC 9.20.030. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 506 § 4, 2004].

9.20.050 Bail – Effect of forfeiture or return.

If bail is forfeited, the assessment prescribed in this chapter shall be deposited as provided in PRMC 9.20.020. If bail is returned, the assessment thereon shall also be returned. [Ord. 506 § 5, 2004].

9.20.060 Use of funds.

Moneys received for the assessment shall be used to defray the training costs and/or purchase of training equipment incurred by the police department throughout the year. [Ord. 506 § 6, 2004].