Chapter 10.15


10.15.010    License required.

10.15.020    Deleted during 2011 codification.

10.15.030    Inspection.

10.15.040    Transfer of license.

10.15.050    Lights and reflectors.

10.15.060    Brakes.

10.15.070    Operating regulations.

10.15.080    Subject to Oregon motor vehicle laws.

10.15.090    Parental responsibility.

10.15.100    Violation – Penalty.

10.15.010 License required.

No person shall operate or use a bicycle within the city unless such bicycle has been licensed with the police department. Such registration shall show the name and address of the owner, the make and such other description as may be necessary to identify the bicycle. The police department shall furnish the registration cards and keep them on file so long as the registered bicycle is operated within the city limits. [Ord. 205 § 1, 1967].

10.15.020 Identification number.

Deleted during 2011 codification. [Ord. 205 § 2, 1967].

10.15.030 Inspection.

The chief of police shall inspect each bicycle before licensing and shall refuse a license for any bicycle which is determined to be in unsafe mechanical condition. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 205 § 3, 1967].

10.15.040 Transfer of license.

Upon the sale or other transfer of a licensed bicycle, the licensee may upon proper application, but without payment of additional fee, have the license assigned to the purchaser or to another bicycle owned by the applicant. [Ord. 205 § 4, 1967].

10.15.050 Lights and reflectors.

No person shall ride or operate any bicycle upon any street, alley or highway within the corporate limits of the city of Pilot Rock during the hours of darkness, or at any other time when the operator and the bicycle are not clearly discernible, unless such bicycle is equipped with a fixed white light, visible at night for at least 500 feet from the front, and a fixed red reflector, activated by a light source, or a red light on the rear of the bicycle, visible at night from a distance of at least 300 feet from the rear of the bicycle. [Ord. 205 § 5, 1967].

10.15.060 Brakes.

No person shall operate a bicycle within the city which is not equipped with brakes adequate to control the movement of and to stop and hold such bicycle. [Ord. 205 § 6, 1967].

10.15.070 Operating regulations.

No person operating a bicycle on any street, alley, highway or public way or path within the corporate limits of the city of Pilot Rock shall:

(1) Hold on to any other vehicle for the purpose of being towed.

(2) Ride without both feet on the pedals, facing toward the front and with at least one hand on the handlebars.

(3) Carry more persons at one time than the number of persons the bicycle is designed for.

(4) Carry any packages or bundles that will prohibit the operator from having full control of the bicycle at all times.

(5) Be under the influence of intoxicating beverage or drugs.

(6) Ride upon any sidewalk or foot bridge. [Ord. 205 § 7, 1967].

10.15.080 Subject to Oregon motor vehicle laws.

Every person riding or operating a bicycle on any street, alley, or public highway in the corporate limits of the city of Pilot Rock shall be subject to all provisions of the Oregon motor vehicle laws and of the ordinances of the city, except the provisions thereof that by their very nature can have no application. [Ord. 205 § 8, 1967].

10.15.090 Parental responsibility.

No parent of any minor child and no guardian of any minor ward shall authorize or knowingly permit any such minor child or ward to violate any of the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 205 § 9, 1967].

10.15.100 Violation – Penalty.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter upon conviction thereof in the municipal court shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $300.00. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 205 § 10, 1967].