Chapter 18.10


18.10.010    Classification of zones.

18.10.020    Location of zones.

18.10.030    Zoning maps.

18.10.040    Amendment of maps.

18.10.050    Location of maps.

18.10.060    Zone boundaries.

18.10.010 Classification of zones.

For the purpose of this title, the following zones are hereby established:



General Residential


Limited Residential


Farm Residential




Light Industrial


Heavy Industrial


Permanent Open Space


[Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 514 § 2.10, 2001].

18.10.020 Location of zones.

The boundaries for the zones listed in this title are indicated on the zoning maps of Pilot Rock which are hereby adopted by reference. The boundaries shall be modified in accordance with zoning map amendments which shall be adopted by reference. [Ord. 514 § 2.20, 2001].

18.10.030 Zoning maps.

The zoning maps consist of several sheets, prints or pages, which pages shall be listed on a cover page together with the date and name of each page. The zoning maps shall be certified by the city council and the city recorder as being the official zoning maps adopted by reference in PRMC 18.10.020. The certification of the official zoning maps shall appear on the cover page. [Ord. 514 § 2.30, 2001].

18.10.040 Amendment of maps.

A zoning map or zoning map amendment adopted by PRMC 18.10.020 or by an amendment thereto shall be prepared by authority of the county council. The map or map amendment shall be dated with the date of its approval by the city council or the effective date of the ordinance that adopts the map or map amendment. A certified copy, pursuant to PRMC 18.10.030, of the adopted map or map amendment shall be maintained in the city as long as this title remains in effect. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 514 § 2.40, 2001].

18.10.050 Location of maps.

There shall be two sets of official zoning maps. One shall be located in the office of the county planning department as long as this title remains in effect. The second set shall be located in the office of the city recorder as long as this title remains in effect. [Ord. 514 § 2.50, 2001].

18.10.060 Zone boundaries.

Unless otherwise specified, zone boundaries are section lines, subdivision lines, lot lines, centerlines on streets, highways, easements, or alleys, railroad rights-of-way, watercourses, public utility easements, boundary lines of city limits, 100-year floodplains, bluffs, ridges, or other readily recognizable or identifiable natural features or the extension of such lines. Whenever uncertainty exists as to the boundary of a zone as shown on the zoning map or amendment thereto, the following rules shall apply:

(1) Boundaries indicated as approximately following the centerlines of streets, highways or alleys shall be construed to follow such centerlines;

(2) Where a boundary line follows or approximately coincides with a section line or division thereof, lot or property ownership line, it shall be construed as following such line;

(3) Boundaries indicated as approximately following city limits shall be construed to follow such city limits;

(4) Boundaries indicated as approximately following 100-year floodplain limits shall be construed as following such floodplain limits;

(5) Boundaries indicated as following railroad lines or public utility easements shall be construed to be midway between the main tracks or utility easements, whichever is applicable;

(6) Boundaries indicated as following the centerlines of streams, rivers, canals, or other bodies of water shall be construed to follow said centerlines;

(7) Boundaries indicated as parallel to or extension of features indicated in subsections (1) through (5) of this section shall be so construed;

(8) Where physical features existing on the ground are at variance with those shown on the official zoning maps, or in other circumstances not covered by subsections (1) through (6) of this section, the city recorder shall interpret the zone boundaries and, if necessary, may refer the matter to the planning commission for their interpretation;

(9) Where a public street or alley is officially vacated, the zone requirements applicable to the property of which the vacated area becomes a part shall apply. [Ord. 514 § 2.60, 2001].