Chapter 18.65


18.65.010    Standards within a residential zone.

18.65.020    Required designs.

18.65.010 Standards within a residential zone.

Within a residential zoning district, a manufactured home placed outside a manufactured home subdivision or a mobile home park shall:

(1) Be multi-sectional (double-wide or wider) and enclose a floor area of not less than 1,000 square feet.

(2) Be placed on an excavated and back-filled foundation, enclosed at the perimeter with no more than 16 inches of the enclosing material exposed above grade. Where the building site has a slope grade, no more then 16 inches of the enclosing material shall be exposed on the uphill side of the home.

(3) Have a roof with a nominal pitch of three feet in height for each 12 feet in width.

(4) Have a garage or carport with exterior materials matching the manufactured home.

(5) Be certified by the manufacturer to have an exterior thermal envelope meeting performance standards which reduce heat loss to levels equivalent to the performance standards required of single-family dwellings constructed under the State Building Code as defined in ORS 455.010.

(Evidence demonstrating that the manufactured home meets “Super Good Cents” energy efficiency standards is deemed to satisfy the exterior thermal envelope certification requirement. Additional manufacturers certification shall not be required.)

(6) Not have bare metal siding or roofing.

(7) Not be sited adjacent to any structure listed on the Register of Historic Landmarks and Districts. [Ord. 514 § 8.11, 2001].

18.65.020 Required designs.

All single-family dwellings within a residential zoning district (except for manufactured homes located within a manufactured home subdivision or mobile home park) shall utilize at least two of the following design features:

(1) Dormers;

(2) Recessed entries;

(3) Cupolas;

(4) Bay or bow windows;

(5) Attached garage;

(6) Window shutters;

(7) A roof with pitch greater than nominal 3:12;

(8) Off-sets on building face or roof (minimum 12 inches);

(9) Gables;

(10) Covered porch entry;

(11) Pillars or posts;

(12) Eaves (minimum six inches);

(13) Tile or shake roof;

(14) Horizontal lap siding. [Ord. 514 § 8.20, 2001].