Chapter 18.60


18.60.010    Stand requirement.

18.60.020    Installation and tie-down requirements.

18.60.030    Tongue removal.

18.60.040    Skirting, gutters and downspouts.

18.60.050    Additions and extensions.

18.60.060    Perimeter foundation landscaping.

18.60.070    Waiver of installation requirements.

18.60.080    Ownership.

18.60.090    Mobile home standards.

18.60.100    Quality standards for double-wide mobile homes.

18.60.110    Quality standards for mobile homes not meeting PRMC 18.60.100.

18.60.120    Development standards.

18.60.130    Mobile home parks.

18.60.010 Stand requirement.

The mobile home shall be situated on a stand, which has been improved to allow adequate drainage, constructed on soils with a minimum bearing capacity of 1,500 pounds per square foot. In flood prone areas, the stand shall be adequate to ensure that the floor of the mobile home shall be at least one foot above the 100-year flood elevation, and that the mobile home can easily be hauled in or out. Specially adopted perimeter foundations are also allowable. [Ord. 514 § 7.11, 2001].

18.60.020 Installation and tie-down requirements.

The mobile home shall be installed, tied down and anchored in accordance with the rules established by the Oregon Department of Commerce, or in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturers which have been approved by the Department of Commerce. Such requirements shall be met within seven days after the mobile home has been placed on the lot. For sites within the floodplain or floodway overlay zones, the special anchoring standards shall apply. [Ord. 514 § 7.12, 2001].

18.60.030 Tongue removal.

The tongue of the mobile home shall be removed. [Ord. 514 § 7.13, 2001].

18.60.040 Skirting, gutters and downspouts.

Unless the foundation is continuous, the unit shall have a continuous skirting of nondecaying, noncorroding material extending at least six inches into the ground or extending to an impervious surface. The skirt or continuous foundation shall have openings which shall be secured against entry of animals under the mobile home. The mobile home shall be provided with gutters and downspouts to direct water into storm drains, if storm drains are available. [Ord. 514 § 7.14, 2001].

18.60.050 Additions and extensions.

Carports, porches, decks, tip-outs, rooms and other additions or extensions to a mobile home may be developed in accordance with Department of Commerce or other applicable standards. Such additions and extensions shall be finished to match the color scheme of the mobile home and shall be maintained in sound, attractive condition. [Ord. 514 § 7.15, 2001].

18.60.060 Perimeter foundation landscaping.

Because mobile homes generally are elevated higher off the ground than houses, foundation plantings of shrubs and other ornamental vegetation shall be provided around the base of the house portions of the mobile home, and any tip-out, addition, or extensions, visible from a public street. Such landscaping shall be planted within six months of moving the mobile home onto the lot and shall be continuously maintained. [Ord. 514 § 7.16, 2001].

18.60.070 Waiver of installation requirements.

The city council, giving their reasons therefor, may reduce or waive one or more installation requirements that, in its judgment, are not requisite in the interests of the public health, safety and general welfare, or which are inappropriate. Within a mobile home park, standards may be varied, except for requirements of any flood hazard regulations adopted by the city. [Ord. 514 § 7.20, 2001].

18.60.080 Ownership.

Except in an R-1 zone, the owner of the mobile home shall be the owner of the lot upon which the mobile home is located and shall agree in writing prior to installation that if the mobile home is removed from its foundation, the owner shall remove the foundation and all additions to the home and permanently disconnect and secure all utilities. This agreement shall authorize the city to perform the work described in this section and place a lien against the property for the cost of the work in the event the owner fails to accomplish the work within 90 days from the date the mobile home is removed. This condition shall not apply in the event that another mobile home is placed on the original foundation within 90 days of the removal of the original mobile home. [Ord. 514 § 7.30, 2001].

18.60.090 Mobile home standards.

All mobile homes installed shall have an Oregon insignia of compliance and be constructed after January 1, 1972. Mobile homes built after July 1, 1976, in addition to an Oregon insignia of compliance must carry a seal (HUD seal) conforming compliance with the 1976 federal standards for mobile home construction. Older mobile homes may be allowed if they generally conform to the 1976 federal standards, are in good condition, receive a favorable visual inspection from the Oregon Department of Commerce or applicable inspecting agency, and carry or obtain an Oregon insignia of compliance. Only those standards established by the management apply in mobile home parks. [Ord. 514 § 7.40, 2001].

18.60.100 Quality standards for double-wide mobile homes.

Double-wide mobile homes must be similar in appearance to standard constructed or modular homes and must meet the following standards:

(1) Exterior “house-type” siding, either wooden or metal, but excluding any highly reflective surfaces.

(2) Roof pitch of 1:4 (three-inch rise in 12 inches).

(3) Composition or wooden roofing.

(4) Overhanging eaves (at least 12 inches). [Ord. 514 § 7.41, 2001].

18.60.110 Quality standards for mobile homes not meeting PRMC 18.60.100.

Double-wide mobile homes not meeting the standards listed in PRMC 18.60.100 can be allowed, provided the mobile homes have a good outward appearance and are in good condition. Burned out or damaged mobile homes may not be placed on property within the city until the mobile home has been repaired and inspected by the Oregon Department of Commerce. [Ord. 514 § 7.42, 2001].

18.60.120 Development standards.

(1) Single-wide mobile homes shall contain the following floor area:

(a) One-bedroom unit: 600 square feet.

(b) Two-bedroom unit: 780 square feet.

(c) Three or more bedroom unit: 960 square feet.

(2) Double-wide mobile homes shall contain at least 960 square feet of floor area.

(3) Minimum dwelling unit width for mobile homes, excluding tip-outs and attached extensions, shall be for:

(a) Single-wides: 12 feet.

(b) Double-wides or larger: 20 feet.

(4) Off-Street Parking. Each principal dwelling unit shall be provided with at least two spaces of off-street parking, one of which can be provided in a paved driveway; within all subdivisions platted after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title, at least one of the spaces shall be contained in a garage or carport; accessory dwellings shall be provided with at least one additional off-street parking space. [Ord. 514 § 7.43, 2001].

18.60.130 Mobile home parks.

Mobile home parks authorized by this title may be allowed after a conditional use hearing has been held and the following conditions have been met:

(1) A plot plan and related materials be submitted meeting the minimum requirements of ORS Chapter 446 which is hereby adopted by reference and incorporated into this section;

(2) The density will not exceed eight units per gross acre;

(3) Each mobile home lot shall have a minimum of 3,000 square feet;

(4) Each travel trailer space provided shall have a minimum lot area of 1,200 square feet;

(5) No more than 10 percent of the park area may be used for overnight travel trailer accommodations;

(6) The entire area of the mobile home park shall be fenced and landscaped for the entrance into the park. [Amended during 2011 codification; Ord. 514 § 7.50, 2001].