Chapter 18.85


18.85.010    Generally.

18.85.020    Requirements.

18.85.030    Classifications of accessory uses.

18.85.040    Continuation of allowable accessory use.

18.85.050    Home occupations.

18.85.010 Generally.

Accessory uses and facilities are allowable in any district when incidental to and associated with a permitted use or facility, or when incidental to and associated with an allowable and authorized conditional use therein, subject to the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 514 § 11.20, 2001].

18.85.020 Requirements.

Accessory uses and facilities shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Shall be subordinate to the primary activity of the principal use or the principal facility, respectively.

(2) Shall contribute to the comfort, convenience, efficiency, or necessity of the occupants or the activities of a principal use, or the function of a principal structure.

(3) Shall be located on the same site as the principal use or structure served.

(4) Shall not violate setback requirements or maximum lot coverage standards provided for in Chapters 18.15 through 18.55 PRMC.

(5) Shall obtain approval from the city recorder or zoning administrator for permitted uses and from the planning commission for other uses. [Ord. 514 § 11.21, 2001].

18.85.030 Classifications of accessory uses.

Classifications of accessory uses include, but are not limited to, the following types:

(1) Permitted accessory uses, subject to approval by the city recorder or zoning administrator:

(a) Parking lots;

(b) Private swimming pools for homes, motels, apartments, etc.;

(c) Storage sheds;

(d) Garages and carports;

(e) Workshops;

(f) Patios, decks, covered porches, gazebos;

(g) Personal use (noncommercial) greenhouses;

(h) Accessory structures, uses, or facilities adjudged by the city recorder or zoning administrator to be similar to subsections (1)(a) through (g) of this section;

(i) Street or highway overlays, reconstruction or improvements;

(j) Sewer or waterline installation or replacement;

(k) Bridge construction or replacement outside designated flood hazard areas;

(l) Minor utility line used for electricity, telephone or cable TV;

(m) Personal use dish antennas.

(2) Accessory uses allowed as a minor conditional use, subject to the requirements of Chapter 18.100 PRMC and:

(a) Home occupations;

(b) Accessory dwellings (one only) for the owner or operator of a permitted commercial use;

(c) Accessory uses, structures, or facilities not listed herein that have the potential of creating negative impacts on neighboring properties as adjudged by the city recorder and zoning administrator;

(d) Bridge construction or reconstruction in a flood hazard area. [Ord. 514 § 11.22, 2001].

18.85.040 Continuation of allowable accessory use.

No use or facility permitted as an accessory use or facility pursuant to this section shall be construed to be permitted as a principal use or facility unless specifically authorized as a permitted or conditional use in the district in which it shall be located. Operation, occupancy, and continuance of allowable accessory uses and facilities shall be conditional upon the continued occupancy or use of the principal use or facility being served. [Ord. 514 § 11.23, 2001].

18.85.050 Home occupations.

Home occupations are allowable as an accessory use of a dwelling and accessory structures commonly provided in conjunction with a dwelling subject to the following standards:

(1) Only inhabitants of the dwelling are employed.

(2) The residential character of the dwelling and property are maintained.

(3) The occupation is lawful.

(4) The occupation is conducted in such manner that storage or display of merchandise is not visible from off the property.

(5) The occupation may not infringe upon the rights of neighboring residents. [Ord. 514 § 11.24, 2001].