Chapter 18.90


18.90.010    Projections from buildings.

18.90.020    Height exceptions.

18.90.030    Lot size requirements.

18.90.010 Projections from buildings.

Cornices, eaves, canopies, sunshades, gutters, chimneys, flues and other architectural features may project not more than two feet into a required yard of open space as established by this title. [Ord. 514 § 11.11, 2001].

18.90.020 Height exceptions.

The following types of structures or structural parts are not subject to the building height limitations of this title: chimneys, church spires, belfries, radio and television antennas, flagpoles, smoke stacks and other similar projections. [Ord. 514 § 11.12, 2001].

18.90.030 Lot size requirements.

If a property ownership, whether it be a lot or more than one contiguous lot held in a single ownership at the time of passage of the ordinance codified in this title, has an area or dimension which does not meet the lot size requirements of the zone in which the property is located, the holdings may be occupied by a use permitted in the zone subject to the other requirements of the zone; provided, that if there is an area deficiency, residential use shall be limited to a single-family dwelling or to the number of dwelling units consistent with the density requirements of the zone. The record of ownership as recorded in the office of the county clerk at the time of passage of the ordinance codified in this title shall be the basis for application of this exception unless the owner submits proof that a different ownership existed at the time the provisions of the ordinance codified in this title became applicable to the land concerned. [Ord. 514 § 11.13, 2001].