Chapter 9.55


9.55.010    Gambling.

9.55.020    Soliciting alms in public places.

9.55.030    Lodging in cars.

9.55.040    Selling or pledging property of intoxicated persons.

9.55.050    Notices and advertisements.

9.55.060    Hauling.

9.55.070    Riverfront Park – Smoking and smokeless tobacco use prohibited.

9.55.010 Gambling.

A.1. Definitions. The definitions for ORS 167.108 to 167.164 and 464.270 to 464.530, as now constituted, are adopted by reference as definitions for use in this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise. A copy of ORS 167.117 is incorporated herein by this reference.

2. Authorization of Social Gambling. Private businesses, private clubs and places of public accommodation within the city may conduct social games or allow social games on their premises, subject to the other sections of this chapter.

3. Prohibitions.

a. No private business, private club or place of public accommodation shall allow or permit a social game on its premises without first obtaining license from the city and paying the necessary license fees.

b. No social game shall be played or permitted in any private business, private club or any place of public accommodation except in a designated unlocked portion of said establishment.

c. No private businesses, private clubs or places of public accommodation shall refuse inspection by law enforcement officers at any time.

d. No social games shall be played or permitted in any private business, private club or place of public accommodation between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

e. No social games shall be played or permitted in any private business, private club or place of public accommodation unless such business, club or place exists for the purpose of providing other, substantial, legitimate commercial service which are not otherwise associated with gambling or social games.

f. No private business or private club may operate for the sole purpose of providing a place at which social games are conducted.

4. License Regulations and Fees.

a. The city recorder shall include notification on business license forms that permit the conducting of social games upon the licensee’s premises. The license shall run from January 1st to December 31st of each year. The fee shall be included as part of the licensee’s normal business license fee. The license fee may be amended by resolution of the city council.

b. A license for social games may be revoked or not renewed by the city if the holder of said license is convicted of any federal, state or city law, statute or ordinance relating to gambling, after hearing by the city council.

5. Penalty. Violation of this section and chapter is punishable by a fine not to exceed $250.00. Each day’s violation constitutes a separate offense.

B. Gambling does not include bingo or lotto when operated by a charitable, fraternal or religious organization when no person other than the organization or player profits in any manner from the operation of the lottery and when the organization has complied with the provisions of subsection (2) of ORS 465.100.

C. For the purposes of this section, “gambling,” “social games,” and “bingo and lotto” are defined as provided by ORS 167.117. (Ord. 1032 §§ 1, 2, 2006; Ord. 916 § 80, 1987)

9.55.020 Soliciting alms in public places.

No person shall accost another in a public place to solicit alms. (Ord. 916 § 81, 1987)

9.55.030 Lodging in cars.

No person shall lodge in a car, outbuilding or other place not intended for that purpose without permission of the owner or person entitled to possession. (Ord. 916 § 82, 1987)

9.55.040 Selling or pledging property of intoxicated persons.

No person shall purchase property from a person who is in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of a narcotic drug, or advance, loan money to, or have dealings with such person respecting the title to property. (Ord. 916 § 83, 1987)

9.55.050 Notices and advertisements.

No person shall attach or cause to be attached a placard, bill, advertisement or poster upon real or personal property, whether public or private, without first securing permission from the owner or person in control of the property. This section shall not be construed as an amendment to or a repeal of any city regulation of the use and location of signs. (Ord. 916 § 84, 1987)

9.55.060 Hauling.

No person shall haul sand, gravel, rock, wood or other substance in a vehicle or conveyance that is so constructed or in such condition as to allow the sand, gravel, rock, wood or other substance to fall on and litter public streets. (Ord. 916 § 85, 1987)

9.55.070 Riverfront Park – Smoking and smokeless tobacco use prohibited.

Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco products is prohibited in all areas of Riverfront Park excluding the Rainier boat launch facility including the sidewalk from the Fox Creek Bridge west to the boat launch facility, all of Riverfront Park west of Fox Creek and the beach area between Fox Creek and the boat launch. The city will provide and maintain disposal canisters, no smoking signage and designated smoking areas during park events such as Days in the Park. Any person that violates this section shall be guilty of a violation punishable by a fine up to $250.00 per offense. (Ord. 1037, 2007)