Chapter 15.20


15.20.010    Permit.

15.20.020    Application for permit.

15.20.030    Inspection.

15.20.040    Utility installation.

15.20.050    Performance bond.

15.20.060    Issuance of permit.

15.20.070    Conditions of permit.

15.20.080    Liability.

15.20.090    Equipment.

15.20.100    Continuity.

15.20.110    Litter.

15.20.120    Revocation.

15.20.130    Violation – Penalty.

15.20.010 Permit.

A building that exceeds eight feet in width or, as loaded for moving, extends upward more than 13-1/2 feet from the ground may be moved across or along a public thoroughfare of the city only in accordance with a permit applied for and issued in accordance with this chapter. (Ord. 734 § 1, 1967)

15.20.020 Application for permit.

Before issuance of such a permit, an application for a permit so to move a building shall be submitted to the city building inspector at the office of the city recorder and shall state the following information:

A. The location from which the building is proposed to be moved.

B. The proposed new site of the building.

C. The proposed route for moving the building.

D. The dimensions of the building.

E. The type of construction of the building.

F. The approximate age of the building.

G. Such additional information as the city building inspector deems necessary for purposes of preventing property damage and minimizing public danger and inconvenience that might result from the moving.

Such application shall be made and signed by both the owner of the building to be moved and the party contracting to do the moving, if such parties are not one and the same. (Ord. 734 § 2, 1967)

15.20.030 Inspection.

After receiving the application, the city building inspector shall inspect the building, the new site proposed for it, and the route proposed for moving it. (Ord. 734 § 3, 1967)

15.20.040 Utility installation.

The permit shall not be issued unless the applicant therefor submits statements from the owners of the electric wires and poles and other utility installations along the route on which the building is to be moved:

A. That the moving will not interfere with or endanger the installations; or

B. That the applicant has made arrangements to the satisfaction of the owners for protecting the installations, paying for whatever damage the moving causes them, and reimbursing the owners for whatever removal and reinstallation of the installations the moving necessitates;

C. That the owners of said utility installations will assist applicant in the prompt and continuous moving as provided in RMC 15.20.100. (Ord. 734 § 4, 1967)

15.20.050 Performance bond.

The permit shall not be issued unless the applicant therefor furnishes the city a performance bond in the sum of $5,000 that within six months after the permit is granted, the relocated building will be ready for occupancy and use in accordance with the building and zoning regulations of the city in effect at the time the permit is issued.

In addition, the permit shall not be issued unless each applicant therefor furnishes the city a certificate of insurance indemnifying the city from any and all expenses, damages, and liabilities for injuries to person or properties, whether public or private, that may result from the moving or from the abandonment or cessation of diligent and continuous moving, as provided in RMC 15.20.100. Such certificate of insurance shall provide coverage in excess of the following amounts:

A. Bodily injury: $100,000 each occurrence.

B. Bodily injury: $300,000 limit per accident.

C. Property damage: $50,000 each occurrence. (Ord. 906, 1987; Ord. 734 § 5, 1967)

15.20.060 Issuance of permit.

The city building inspector shall issue such permit applied for:

A. If the application therefor complies with the requirements of this chapter.

B. If the moving can be accomplished without damage to property or, in case of such damage, it is consented to by the owner of the property or is to be paid for to his satisfaction.

C. If the building at its new site will conform to the land use requirements of the city.

D. If the building at its new site is not detrimental to the attractiveness and welfare of the neighborhood in which the site is situated. (Ord. 734 § 6, 1967)

15.20.070 Conditions of permit.

The permit shall specify:

A. The route for moving the building.

B. The time within which the moving is to be completed.

C. Whatever additional conditions the city building inspector deems necessary to minimize the obstruction of traffic, protect property, and protect the public safety. (Ord. 734 § 7, 1967)

15.20.080 Liability.

The permit shall not constitute an authorization for damaging property. The permit shall constitute no defense against whatever liability the permittee incurs for the personal injury or property damage caused by the moving. (Ord. 734 § 8, 1967)

15.20.090 Equipment.

Equipment used to move buildings along or across the public thoroughfares of the city shall be equipped with pneumatic tires, which shall be the only part of the equipment to come in contact with the surfaces of the thoroughfares, except planking as required by the city building inspector. The city building inspector may require the permittee to proceed on planking of whatever dimensions the city building inspector specifies at whatever places he deems the planking necessary to prevent damage to a thoroughfare or other property damage. (Ord. 734 § 9, 1967)

15.20.100 Continuity.

Once a building has been moved into a public thoroughfare pursuant to a permit authorized by this chapter, the party moving the building shall continue with the moving project without interruption until it is completed, except as the permit for the moving or the city building inspector specifically allows to the contrary. In the event such moving is abandoned or work thereon ceases for a period in excess of 24 hours, the city may dismantle, tear down, and/or otherwise remove the structure being moved and the expenses thereof shall be charged to the owner and/or applicant for permit. (Ord. 734 § 10, 1967)

15.20.110 Litter.

A party moving a building pursuant to a permit authorized by this chapter shall promptly remove from public thoroughfare and private property all litter produced by the moving. (Ord. 734 § 11, 1967)

15.20.120 Revocation.

A permit or license issued pursuant to this chapter may be summarily revoked in the event that the permittee violates any term of the permit or of this chapter. (Ord. 734 § 12, 1967)

15.20.130 Violation – Penalty.

Any person who violates this chapter may be punished by a fine not exceeding $500.00, by imprisonment in the city jail for not more than 30 days, or by both. (Ord. 734 § 13, 1967)