Chapter 5.3


5.3.100    Lots of record – Purpose.

5.3.200    Lots of record – Criteria.

5.3.300    Lots of record – Procedure.

5.3.100 Lots of record – Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish criteria and a process for determining when a lot of record exists. (Ord. 08-06 § 3, 2008)

5.3.200 Lots of record – Criteria.

A lot of record is a plot of land that was not created through an approved subdivision or partition, was created and recorded before January 6, 1960, and for which the deed, or other instrument dividing the land, is recorded with the county. A lot of record shall be entitled to development of no less than one single-family dwelling or duplex and, provided all applicable code standards are met, additional land use or development may be approved. (Ord. 21-04 § 24, 2021; Ord. 08-06 § 3, 2008)

5.3.300 Lots of record – Procedure.

A lot of record determination shall be made by the community development director through a Type I procedure (SDC 4.1.200). It shall be the property owner’s responsibility to demonstrate that his or her plot of land meets the lot of record criteria in SDC 5.3.200. (Ord. 08-06 § 3, 2008)