Chapter 5.20


5.20.010    Definitions.

5.20.020    Authorization.

5.20.030    License required for social card game.

5.20.040    Application for license.

5.20.050    Standards for issuance of license.

5.20.060    Term of license.

5.20.070    Responsibility of the licensee.

5.20.080    Bet limits.

5.20.090    Subsequent revocation.

5.20.100    Penalties.

5.20.010 Definitions.

(1) The definitions set out in ORS 167.117 are hereby adopted by reference.

(2) “Social card game” shall mean any form of social game which is played using a standard deck of 52 playing cards or a standard deck of playing cards with two or fewer “jokers.”

(3) “City” means city of Veneta. (Ord. 456 § 1, 2005)

5.20.020 Authorization.

Social card games shall be permitted in the city of Veneta as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 456 § 2, 2005)

5.20.030 License required for social card game.

Any person(s), business, private club, or place of public accommodation desiring to permit patrons or invitees to engage in social card games in the city of Veneta shall have a valid license from the city. Licenses shall be granted only upon application to the city and upon approval of the city council. The license fee shall be established by the city council by resolution. (Ord. 456 § 3, 2005)

5.20.040 Application for license.

Application for the initial license shall be made on blank forms prepared by the city. (Ord. 456 § 4, 2005)

5.20.050 Standards for issuance of license.

The city council shall either approve the application and grant the license applied for or deny the application and refuse to grant the license. The license shall not be granted, or it shall be revoked, if any applicant or any person who has interest in the business or who owns or controls gambling equipment and apparatus has done the following:

(1) Supplied any false or misleading information in the application or omitted any requested information from the application.

(2) Has pleaded no contest to or been convicted of any felony within three years.

(3) Had a license in his/her name which was revoked or suspended three times by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, either of which was in the last five years.

(4) Been convicted and is currently on parole for any crime involving or related to gambling.

(5) Had two or more convictions within the past five years for gambling-related activities which demonstrate undesirable traits and behavior. (Ord. 456 § 5, 2005)

5.20.060 Term of license.

All licenses issued hereunder shall be for a period of one year or until the next July 1st of each year, whichever is shorter. Licenses are nontransferable and must be reapplied for at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the license. All renewal licenses shall be approved by the city administrator. (Ord. 456 § 6, 2005)

5.20.070 Responsibility of the licensee.

It shall be the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that:

(1) No form of unlawful gambling is permitted upon the licensed premises.

(2) All social card games are open to public inspection during all hours of operation.

(3) There are no off-premises signs advertising gambling, card playing, social games, or social card games.

(4) All social card games shall be arranged so as to provide equal access and visibility to any interested party.

(5) No person under the age of 18 years is permitted to participate in a social card game.

(6) No charge is collected from any player for the privilege of participating in a social card game.

(7) No participant in a social card game shall be charged a price for any consumer goods which is higher or lower than the price charged nonparticipants.

(8) All social card games shall be played with cash or with chips. The value of the chips shall be shown on a chart which is clearly visible to all players or the chips shall be clearly marked to show their value.

(9) Social card game licenses shall be posted in a conspicuous place near the table where the game is being played.

(10) The room or enclosure where social card game or games is held shall be open to free and immediate access by the city of Veneta police department authorized personnel. Doors leading into the room or enclosure shall remain unlocked during all hours of operation.

(11) Social card games shall not be played between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (Ord. 456 § 7, 2005)

5.20.080 Bet limits.

The city council shall set bet limits on social card games in an appropriate resolution of the city council. (Ord. 456 § 8, 2005)

5.20.090 Subsequent revocation.

A license is subject to revocation at any time for violation of this chapter or any of the provisions of the Oregon Revised Statutes relating to gambling. If at any time facts arise or become known to the city council which are sufficient to show violation of this chapter or the Oregon Revised Statutes, the city council shall notify the licensee through the city administrator of such facts and forthwith revoke the license. Any license so revoked shall not be returned, unless the licensee applies to the city council in writing for return of the license within 15 days of the date of revocation. In such case, the city council shall hear the objection to the revocation at its first regular session following the filing of the objection. The city council decision in connection with the revocation shall be final. (Ord. 456 § 9, 2005)

5.20.100 Penalties.

In addition to the suspension or revocation of any license hereunder, any licensee, firm, corporation, or person(s) associated with licensee who violates any provision of this chapter, may upon conviction, be fined in an amount not to exceed $300.00 for each violation. Each day that a violation is permitted to occur is considered a separate violation. (Ord. 456 § 10, 2005)