Chapter 15
Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Part 1
General Regulations

§15-101.    Definitions and Interpretations

§15-102.    Manner of Adopting Permanent Traffic and Parking Regulations

§15-103.    Provisions to Be Continuation of Existing Regulations

§15-104.    Temporary and Emergency Regulations

§15-105.    Experimental Regulations

§15-106.    Traffic on Streets Closed or Restricted for Construction, Maintenance or Special Events

§15-107.    Use of Streets by Processions and Assemblages

§15-108.    Authority of Police Officers

§15-109.    Authorization for Use of Speed Timing Devices

Part 2
Traffic Regulations

§15-201.    Maximum Speed Limits Established on Certain Streets

§15-202.    Traffic Signals at Certain Locations

§15-203.    Intersections Where Turn Prohibited on Red Signal

§15-204.    One-Way Roadways Established

§15-205.    Turning at Certain Intersections Prohibited or Restricted

§15-206.    Right Turns Prohibited at Certain Intersections

§15-207.    Through Highways Established

§15-208.    Stop Intersections Established

§15-209.    Yield Intersections Established

§15-210.    Closing of Certain Highways to Certain Vehicles

§15-211.    Operation of Motor Vehicles Restricted on Public Lands

Part 3
Restrictions on Size, Weight and Type of Vehicle and Load

§15-301.    Vehicle Weight Limits Established on Certain Streets and Bridges

§15-302.    Restrictions on Size of Vehicles on Certain Streets and Bridges

§15-303.    Restrictions as to Weight and Size of Vehicles on Certain Streets and Bridges

§15-304.    Truck Traffic Restricted on Certain Streets

Part 4
General Parking Regulations

§15-401.    Vehicles to Be Parked Within Marked Spaces

§15-402.    Parking Prohibited at All Times in Certain Locations

§15-403.    Unattended Vehicles on Private Property

§15-404.    Parking Prohibited Certain Times of Year

§15-405.    Parking Prohibited in Certain Locations, Certain Days and Hours

§15-406.    Parking of Trucks, Buses and Certain Other Vehicles Prohibited in Certain Locations

§15-407.    Parking Time Limited in Certain Locations Certain Days and Hours

§15-408.    Special Purpose Parking Zones Established; Parking Otherwise Prohibited

§15-409.    Standing or Parking on Roadway for Loading or Unloading

§15-410.    Angle Parking Required on Portions of Certain Streets

§15-411.    Parking Prohibited on Portions of Certain Highways During Street Sweeping Hours

§15-412.    Penalties

Part 5
Off-Street Unmetered Parking

§15-501.    Unmetered Parking Lots Established

§15-502.    Reserved Parking Spaces for Handicapped May Be Provided

§15-503.    Manner of Parking

§15-504.    Penalty for Violation

Part 6
Removal and Impoundment of Illegally Parked Vehicles

§15-601.    Applicability and Scope

§15-602.    Authority to Remove and Impound

§15-603.    Tow Away Zones Designated

§15-604.    Designation of Approved Storage Garages; Bonding; Towing and Storage

§15-605.    Payment of Towing and Storage Charges

§15-606.    Reclamation Costs

§15-607.    Records of Vehicles Removed and Impounded

§15-608.    Restrictions upon Removal of Vehicles

§15-609.    Penalty for Violation

§15-610.    Reports and Disposition of Unclaimed Vehicles

Part 7
Snow and Ice Emergencies

§15-701.    Snow and Weather Emergency Plans

§15-702.    Snow Emergency Routes

§15-703.    Snow Emergency Plans

§15-704.    Removal of Stalled, Stuck, Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

§15-705.    Exceptions

§15-706.    General Regulations

§15-707.    Penalty for Violation

Part 8
Regulation of Pedalcycles and Nonmotorized Vehicles

§15-801.    Riding and Parking of Pedalcycles on Sidewalks Along Certain Streets Prohibited

§15-802.    Restrictions on Use of Pushcarts

§15-803.    Skates, Skateboards, Coasters, Sleds and Other Toy Vehicles

Part 9
Pedestrian Regulations

§15-901.    Pedestrians to Obey Traffic-Control Signs

§15-902.    Pedestrian-Control Signal Locations Established

§15-903.    Locations Where Pedestrian Crossing in Unmarked Crosswalks Restricted

§15-904.    Locations Where Pedestrians May Cross Only in Crosswalk

§15-905.    Penalty for Violation