10-4-101    Building Inspector.

10-4-102    Permits.

10-4-103    Plans and Specifications.

10-4-104    Related Regulations.

10-4-105    Stop Order.

10-4-106    Interpretation.

10-4-107    Penalty.

10-4-101 Building Inspector.

The City Building Inspector shall enforce all provisions of this Title but in so doing shall be assisted by the superintendents and personnel of the various departments of the City directly or indirectly affected who shall make such inspections as he may request or designate.

(1968 Code 10-4-1; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-4-1)

10-4-102 Permits.

No person shall commence or perform any work within the City regulated or controlled by the provisions of this Title, except such minor work as may be excepted therefrom, without first having applied to the City and having been granted a permit to do so by the Building Inspector or other authorized officer and paying in advance all permit and inspection fees.

(1968 Code 10-4-2; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-4-2)

10-4-103 Plans and Specifications.

No permit shall be issued for any work regulated or controlled in any way by the provisions of this Title unless the application is accompanied by all plats, plans, drawings, specifications, and other information required by the various codes adopted hereby.

(1968 Code 10-4-3; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-4-3)

10-4-104 Related Regulations.

All work done under any permit issued pursuant to this Title shall be in full compliance with the planning and zoning regulations, water and sewer regulations, fire code, regulations pertaining to streets and walks, and all other provisions of this Code and all conditions of approval of any subdivision.

(1968 Code 19-4-4; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-4-4)

10-4-105 Stop Order.

Whenever any work is being done in violation of the provisions of this Title, or at variance with the provisions of any permit issued for such work, or in violation of any of the regulations cited in the preceding Section, the Building Inspector may order all work on the job stopped until such violation or variance is eliminated and any work or installation made in violation of such provisions corrected. Such stop order, if oral, shall be followed by a written stop order within one hour. Such written stop order may be served by the Building Inspector, or any of his agents, or any police officer. It shall be unlawful for any person to do or perform any work in violation of such stop order, except as may be necessary to prevent injury or damage to persons or property. Any stop order may be revoked by the Building Inspector, Mayor, or City Council.

(1968 Code 10-4-5; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-4-5)

10-4-106 Interpretation.

Whenever in the codes adopted by this Title it is provided that anything must be done to the approval or subject to the direction of the Building Inspector or any other officer of the City, such officer shall have only the discretion of determining whether the rules and standards established by ordinance or resolution of the City Council have been complied with; and no such provision shall be construed as giving any officer discretionary powers as to what regulations or standards shall be, or power to require conditions not prescribed by ordinance or resolution, or to enforce any provisions in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner.

(1968 Code 10-4-7; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-4-6)

10-4-107 Penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this Title or of the codes adopted hereby, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be liable to punishment by a fine in an amount not to exceed $299, or by imprisonment for a term not to exceed six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(1968 Code 10-4-7; amended in codification 1979; 1979 Code 10-4-7)