Chapter 2.100


2.100.010    Policy board established.

2.100.020    Membership – Term.

2.100.030    Officers.

2.100.040    Responsibilities.

2.100.050    Meetings.

2.100.060    Budget.

2.100.070    Audits.

2.100.080    Annual report.

2.100.090    VASAP compliance.

2.100.100    Title to property.

2.100.110    Duration.

2.100.010 Policy board established.

The city does hereby join the city of Waynesboro and the county of Augusta to establish the Valley Alcohol Safety Action Program policy board as administrative and fiscal agent subject to the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 2005-25).

2.100.020 Membership – Term.

The board shall consist of not more than six members. Two persons shall be appointed by the governing body of each participating locality and will serve for a term of three years. (Ord. 2005-25 § 1).

2.100.030 Officers.

The officers of the board shall consist of a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary-treasurer, and such subordinate officers as may from time to time be elected or appointed by the board. Each of said officers shall serve without compensation. The offices of chairman and vice-chairman shall be held by members from different participating localities. Each officer shall be elected at the annual meeting of the board to serve for a term of one year unless sooner removed by the board, or until his successor be elected and qualify. (Ord. 2005-25 § 2).

2.100.040 Responsibilities.

The board shall be responsible for the operation of the program within the participating localities, and shall hire and supervise an executive director who shall be responsible for implementing operational policies for the program, hiring and supervising the staff of the program, and controlling all revenue and expenditures of the program. (Ord. 2005-25 § 3).

2.100.050 Meetings.

Regular meetings of the board shall be held quarterly and are open to the public. Special meetings may be called by the chairman at his or her discretion or by any four board members upon five days’ notice to all members in writing or by telephone of the time, place, and purpose of the special meeting. A simple majority of members of the board shall constitute a quorum for transaction of any and all business. (Ord. 2005-25 § 4).

2.100.060 Budget.

The executive director shall prepare and submit an operating budget for approval by the board each fiscal year. The budget shall include projected revenue from client fees and other available funds as deemed appropriate by the board and operating expenses. The participating localities will at no time incur any costs for the operation of the program. The commission on VASAP shall be responsible for funding any deficit occurring in the operation of the program. (Ord. 2005-25 § 5).

2.100.070 Audits.

The commission on VASAP shall be responsible for conducting financial audits of the program at such times as determined by the commission. (Ord. 2005-25 § 6).

2.100.080 Annual report.

The executive director shall prepare and submit an annual report for approval by the board within 90 days of the close of the fiscal year. The annual report shall be presented to the governing body of each participating locality after approval by the board. (Ord. 2005-25 § 7).

2.100.090 VASAP compliance.

The program shall be operated by the board in compliance with the commission on VASAP policies and procedures. (Ord. 2005-25 § 8).

2.100.100 Title to property.

Title to all property acquired by Valley ASAP shall be vested with the alcohol safety action program so long as two or more localities continue to participate in its operation. In the event that all localities withdraw and the commission on VASAP withdraws its endorsement, the property owned by the program shall be disposed of in accordance with the then applicable provisions of the Code of Virginia. (Ord. 2005-25 § 9).

2.100.110 Duration.

This agreement shall remain in effect continuously from year to year until termination. Participating localities may withdraw at any time by official action of the governing body and after 90 days’ written notice to the board. If a locality withdraws, its representative shall no longer serve on the board. (Ord. 2005-25 § 10).