Title 3


3.05    In General

3.10    Taxation Generally

3.15    Real Estate Tax Exemption for Elderly and Disabled Persons

3.20    Tax Exemption for Certain Rehabilitated Real Estate

3.25    Recordation Tax

3.30    Tax on Purchasers of Utility Service

3.35    Transient Occupancy Tax

3.37    Registration for Short-Term Rental

3.40    Tax on Meals Served in Restaurants or by Caterers

3.45    Enterprise Zone

3.50    Abatement of Levies

3.55    Refunds of Taxes

3.60    Downtown Service District

3.65    Sales and Use Tax

3.70    Probate Tax

3.75    Cigarette Tax

*Charter references – Finance generally, Ch. V; authority of council to control financial affairs of city, § 11(1); debt commission, § 24.

Cross reference – Financial matters relating to airport commission, SCC 2.95.080 et seq.