Title 12


12.05    In General

12.10    Excavations

12.15    Sidewalk Entrances and Openings

12.20    Driveways

12.25    Trees and Shrubbery on Public Property

12.30    Street Vending

12.35    City Market

12.40    Arts and Culture District

*Charter references – General authority of council as to streets and sidewalks, § 11(9); injunctions staying city in exercise of power over streets, § 29; street encroachments, § 30; dedication of streets, § 31.

Cross references – Street improvements to promote industrial development, SCC 2.10.060; taxicabs, Ch. 5.30 SCC; suspending advertisements over streets, SCC 8.05.020; deposit of advertisements on streets, SCC 8.05.030; noise, Ch. 8.25 SCC; littering in streets, SCC 8.30.020; transportation of garbage on streets, SCC 8.30.040; location of refuse containers at edge of street for collection of contents thereof, SCC 8.30.170; meetings, parades, etc., on streets, SCC 9.05.130; motor vehicles and traffic, Title 10; riding bicycle on sidewalks, SCC 10.40.130; erosion and sediment control, Title 13, Division I; sewers, Title 13, Division III; building regulations, Title 15; design standards for streets in subdivisions, SCC 17.15.04017.15.100; required street improvements in subdivisions, SCC 17.20.03017.20.070; zoning, Title 18.

State law reference – General authority of city relative to streets and sidewalks, Code of Virginia, §§ 15.2-200015.2-2030.