Division I. General Provisions

Chapter 18.05


18.05.010    Title.

18.05.020    Short title.

18.05.030    Purposes.

18.05.010 Title.

A code to provide for the establishment of zoning districts within which the proper use of land and natural resources shall be encouraged and regulated; to establish minimum standards for open space, building and population density; to regulate the occupancy and use of dwellings, buildings and structures, including tent and trailer coaches, that may hereafter be erected, altered, or moved; to provide for the administration hereof; to provide for a method of amending; to provide for conflicts with other acts, codes, or regulations; to provide for the collection of fees for the furtherance of the purpose of this title; to provide for petitions and public hearings, to provide for appeals and for the organization and procedure of the city of Staunton board of zoning appeals; and to provide for penalties for the violation of this title. (Ord. 2009-04. Zoning ordinance Art. 1, § 1).

18.05.020 Short title.

These regulations shall be known and may be cited as “The Zoning Code of Staunton.” (Zoning ordinance Art. 1, § 2).

18.05.030 Purposes.

It is the purpose of this title to promote the safety, health, morals, convenience, and general welfare; to encourage the use of lands and natural resources in the city in accordance with their character, adaptability, and suitability for particular purposes; to conserve social and economic stability, property values, and the general character and trend of community development; to prevent excessive concentration of population; to lessen congestion on the public streets and highways; to facilitate adequate provision of streets and highways, sewerage and drainage, water supply and distribution, educational, and other public resources, by establishing herein standards for community development in accordance with these objectives and by providing for the enforcement of such standards.

The city council does ordain and enact into law the following chapters. (Zoning ordinance Art. 1, § 3).