Chapter 18.115


18.115.010    Exceptions.

18.115.010 Exceptions.

The following requirements are intended to provide exceptions or qualify and supplement, as the case may be, the specific district regulations set forth in Division II of this title:

(1) In measuring heights, a habitable basement or attic shall be counted as a half story.

(2) The following structures or parts thereof are hereby exempt from the height limitations set forth in the zoning districts:

(a) Agricultural buildings: barn, silo, windmill, but not including dwellings.

(b) Chimneys, smokestacks, penthouse, spires, flagpoles, ventilators, skylights, derricks, conveyors, and cooling towers.

(c) Radio and television antennas and towers, observation towers, and transmission towers.

(d) Water tanks and standpipes.

(e) Other similar and necessary mechanical appurtenances pertaining to and necessary to the permitted uses of the districts in which they are located; provided, that they are not used for human occupancy.

(3) Churches, schools, hospitals, sanatoriums, and other public and semi-public buildings may exceed the height limitations of the district if the minimum depth of the front, side, and rear yards required in the district is increased one foot for each two feet by which the height of such public or semi-public structure exceeds the prescribed height limit. (Zoning ordinance Art. 5, § 3).