Chapter 13.14


13.14.010    Definitions.

13.14.020    Low-income citizen discount.

13.14.030    Repealed.

13.14.040    Application for discount.

13.14.050    Requirements for eligibility for discount.

13.14.060    Penalty for false information.

13.14.010 Definitions.

A. “Utility discount” means a discount granted pursuant to the terms of this chapter to a low-income citizen, the amount of which is applied against outstanding obligations of the customer of the City of Airway Heights for utility services.

B. “Low-income citizen” means a person who:

1. Resides within the City of Airway Heights;

2. Is 18 years of age or older on the date of application;

3. Receives utility service from the City of Airway Heights;

4. Is the head of a household;

5. Meets the eligibility requirements in AHMC 13.14.050.

C. “Renter” means a person renting/leasing a dwelling unit in the City. (Ord. C-779 § 2, 2012; Ord. C-744 § 3, 2011)

13.14.020 Low-income citizen discount.

Low-income citizens who meet the requirements set forth in AHMC 13.14.050 shall be entitled to a reduction in water and sewer service charges as established by City resolution. (Ord. C-779 § 3, 2012; Ord. C-744 § 4, 2011)

13.14.030 Low-income disabled citizen discount.

Repealed by Ord. C-779. (Ord. C-744 § 5, 2011)

13.14.040 Application for discount.

A. In order to qualify for the rate reductions set forth in AHMC 13.14.020, a person must file an application for the reduction with the Clerk-Treasurer at least 30 days prior to a billing date upon which the rate reduction is to be effective. Applicants must meet the requirements for eligibility set forth in AHMC 13.14.050.

B. Submission of an application for a utility discount shall constitute an affidavit by the applicant that all information provided in such application is true and correct to the best of the applicant’s knowledge.

C. The customer must renew their application annually in accordance with the renewal date specified on the application to continue to receive the discount. (Ord. C-779 § 5, 2012; Ord. C-744 § 6, 2011)

13.14.050 Requirements for eligibility for discount.

Each recipient of a utility discount must meet the following criteria:

A. The rate reduction shall only apply to utility charges for service to a residence. The residence for which the rate reduction is requested must be the applicant’s place of residence.

B. As a renter the applicant must have a utility account in their name with the City and the utility bill must be paid by the renter and not by the owner/landlord/property manager.

C. The applicant must be the head of household for the residence for which the rate reduction is requested.

D. The utility account must be in the applicant’s name or the name of the applicant’s spouse or co-tenant.

E. No person may claim a rate reduction for more than one dwelling unit during the same billing period.

F. For purposes of this chapter, the applicant must be able to provide proof of eligibility in a program assisting low-income persons as stated in the current water system rates and sewer system rates resolutions. (Ord. C-779 § 6, 2012; Ord. C-744 § 7, 2011)

13.14.060 Penalty for false information.

Providing false information to the City in an application for a low-income discount shall forfeit the low-income citizen’s eligibility for future discounts and shall be a misdemeanor. Additionally, the low-income citizen shall be required to repay the amount of any discount received based upon such false information. (Ord. C-779 § 7, 2012; Ord. C-744 § 8, 2011)