Chapter 14.02


14.02.010    Responsibility.

14.02.020    Director/Building Official.

14.02.030    City Council.

14.02.040    Planning Commission.

14.02.050    Hearing Examiner.

14.02.010 Responsibility.

A developer is expected to read and understand the City development code and be prepared to fulfill the obligations placed on the development by AHMC Titles 14 through 18. The City will promptly provide all necessary and relevant information. (Ord. C-661 § 8, 2007)

14.02.020 Director/Building Official.

A. Authority. The Director or his/her designee is responsible for the administration of Titles 14, 16, 17 and 18 AHMC. The Building Official is responsible for the administration of AHMC Title 15.

B. Administrative Interpretation. Upon request or when determined necessary, the Director or his/her designee shall interpret the meaning or application of the provisions of said titles and issue a written administrative interpretation within 30 days. A request for interpretation shall:

1. Be in writing;

2. Identify the issue/question or development code provision; and

3. Be accompanied with a fee determined by City Council resolution.

C. Type I Applications. The Director or his/her designee or Building Official or his/her designee approves Type I applications. (Ord. C-661 § 9, 2007)

14.02.030 City Council.

The City Council reviews and acts on the following:

A. Recommendations of the Planning Commission and decisions from the Hearing Examiner.

B. Preliminary plat approvals and applications for final plats.

C. Comprehensive Plan, development code or map changes.

D. Appeals of SEPA threshold decisions related to the above matters. (Ord. C-661 § 10, 2007)

14.02.040 Planning Commission.

A. Type II Applications. The Planning Commission shall review and make recommendations to the City Council on the following Type II applications:

1. Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

2. Amendments to the subdivision code, AHMC Title 16.

3. Amendments to the development code, AHMC Title 17, or the zoning map.

4. Amendments to the environment code, AHMC Title 18.

5. Applications for preliminary plats containing more than nine lots and manufactured (mobile) home parks.

6. Applications for site-specific rezones and planned unit developments.

7. Other actions requested or remanded by the City Council. (Ord. C-661 § 11, 2007)

14.02.050 Hearing Examiner.

A. The Hearing Examiner shall hear and decide the following open record matters:

1. Applications for variances from the standards and dimensional regulations of the zoning code, official map or other regulatory ordinances.

2. Applications for conditional use permits.

3. Appeals of decisions of administrative officials on the interpretation or application of the development code.

4. Appeals of SEPA threshold determinations related to the above matters.

B. The authority, review criteria and procedures for the Hearing Examiner are contained in Chapter 14.08 AHMC.

C. The decision of the Hearing Examiner shall be in the form of an administrative decision appealable to the City Council. (Ord. C-661 § 12, 2007)