Chapter 14.03


14.03.010    Application.

14.03.020    Preapplication meetings.

14.03.030    Content of applications.

14.03.040    Determination of completeness.

14.03.050    Predevelopment Committee.

14.03.060    Environmental review.

14.03.010 Application.

A. The City shall integrate the development permit and environmental review process.

B. All applications for development permits, design review approvals, variances, and other City approvals under the development code shall be submitted on forms provided by the Planning Department. All applications shall be signed and acknowledged by the property owner or designated agent. (Ord. C-661 § 14, 2007)

14.03.020 Preapplication meetings.

A. Informal. Applicants for development are encouraged to participate in an informal meeting prior to the formal preapplication meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss, in general terms, the proposed development, City design standards, design alternatives, environmental review process, and required permits and approval process.

B. Formal. Every person proposing a development, with the exception of building permits, in the City shall attend a preapplication meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the nature of the proposed development, application, and permit requirements, fees, review process, and schedule, applicable plans, policies, and regulations. In order to expedite development review, the City shall invite all affected jurisdictions, agencies, and/or special districts to the preapplication meeting. (Ord. C-661 § 15, 2007)

14.03.030 Content of applications.

A. All applications for approval under AHMC Titles 15 through 18 shall include information specified in the applicable title. Additional information as reasonably necessary to fully and properly evaluate the proposal may be requested.

B. At the time the application is submitted, the applicant shall identify all permits that may be applicable to the project. (Ord. C-661 § 16, 2007)

14.03.040 Determination of completeness.

A. Within 28 days of receiving a date-stamped application, the City shall review the application together with all required submittals and, as set forth below, provide applicants with a written determination that the application is complete or incomplete.

B. A project application shall be declared complete only when it contains all of the following materials:

1. A fully completed, signed, and acknowledged development application and all applicable review fees.

2. A fully completed, signed, and acknowledged environmental checklist for projects subject to review under Chapter 18.01 AHMC.

3. The information specified for the desired project in the appropriate chapters of the Airway Heights Municipal Code and as identified in AHMC 14.03.030.

4. Any supplemental information or special requirements identified by the Director or his/her designee.

5. The designation of a single person or entity to receive determinations and other notices required by local, state, or federal law, including address, phone number, and fax number, if available.

C. The City, in its sole discretion, may deem an application complete if it is sufficient to continue processing even though additional information or project modifications may be required.

D. For applications determined to be incomplete, the City shall identify, in writing, the specific requirements or information necessary to constitute a complete application. Upon submittal of the additional information, the City shall, within 14 days, issue a letter of completeness or identify what additional information is required.

E. The written determination required by this section shall be deemed given by the earlier of depositing the same in the U.S. mail, postage prepaid, or delivery to the applicant in person.

F. To the extent known by the City, the written determination shall identify other agencies of local, state, or federal government that may have jurisdiction over some aspect of the application. Failure to disclose such agency jurisdiction shall not be deemed a waiver of the requirement to comply with such agency’s regulation. (Ord. C-661 § 17, 2007)

14.03.050 Predevelopment Committee.

A. Immediately following the issuance of a letter of completeness, the Director or his/her designee shall schedule a meeting of the Predevelopment Committee (PDC). The PDC may be composed of representatives of all affected City departments, utility districts, the Fire Department, and any other entities or agencies with jurisdiction.

B. The PDC shall review the development application and provide input to the Director or his/her designee regarding compliance with City plans and regulations, coordination of necessary permit reviews, potential environmental impacts and mitigating measures following review of the environmental checklist completed in accordance with Chapter 18.01 AHMC. (Ord. C-661 § 18, 2007)

14.03.060 Environmental review.

A. Developments and actions subject to the provisions of the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) shall be reviewed in accordance with the policies and procedures contained in Chapter 18.01 AHMC.

B. SEPA review shall be conducted concurrently with development project review. (Ord. C-661 § 19, 2007)