Chapter 17.01


17.01.010    Title.

17.01.020    Purpose.

17.01.030    Governing regulations.

17.01.010 Title.

This title, together with the official zoning map and zoning matrix, is the official zoning code for the City of Airway Heights. (Ord. C-675 § 4, 2008)

17.01.020 Purpose.

The general purpose of this title is to promote health, safety, and general welfare and to meet the prerequisites of RCW 36.70.560. The chapters in this title shall be interpreted as to carry out and implement the purpose and intent of the City of Airway Heights Comprehensive Plan as currently adopted and amended. More specifically, this title is intended to:

A. Encourage orderly growth in the City;

B. Promote compatible land use;

C. Coordinate land use and transportation systems;

D. Provide desired levels of population density and intensity of land use;

E. Conserve and protect amenities;

F. Facilitate the adequate provision of community services and utilities. (Ord. C-675 § 5, 2008)

17.01.030 Governing regulations.

Other official ordinances, regulations, and plans have a direct impact on the development of land in the City. These include, but are not limited to, the Comprehensive Plan; AHMC Title 14, Development Code Administration; AHMC Title 15, Building Code; AHMC Title 16, Subdivisions; AHMC Title 18, Environment; and other ordinances, regulations, and plans of other regulatory agencies. Wherever provisions of these or other official regulations overlap or are in conflict with provisions of this title, the more restrictive provisions, to the extent lawful, shall govern. (Ord. C-675 § 6, 2008)