Chapter 17.02


17.02.010    Adopted by reference.

17.02.010 Adopted by reference.

The City of Airway Heights Comprehensive Plan, as recommended by the City Planning Commission, by this reference is adopted as the plan for the physical and other general advantageous development of the City. Applications for rezones, conditional use permits, variances, and other actions governed by this title shall be reviewed for consistency with the City of Airway Heights Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is designed to satisfy the Washington State Growth Management Act, the Spokane County-wide planning policies, and Airway Heights’ locally adopted goals and policies. It is the result of much public participation, and it is the expression of the popular will. The Comprehensive Plan represents decisions regarding the City’s growth which are intended to guide the zoning and subdivision ordinances, as well as capital improvements, budgeting, and other development regulations shaping the physical community. This title provides a legal instrument for consistent implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. (Ord. C-675 § 8, 2008)