Chapter 17.26


17.26.010    Purpose and intent.

17.26.020    Zero lot line with existing subdivisions.

17.26.030    Zero lot line with new subdivisions.

17.26.040    Zero lot line design standards.

17.26.050    Application procedure.

17.26.010 Purpose and intent.

The purpose of this chapter is to allow for development of single-family and duplex dwellings on property with design standards prescribed to allow for zero lot line setbacks. This concept is intended to provide more usable yard area, maximize views, conserve energy, and provide development flexibility. Zero lot line development is intended to allow for alternate siting of single-family, duplex and townhouse dwellings on individual lots if the development standards of the residential zone can be met. The requirements of this chapter shall be considered as modifications to the zoning requirements relating only to setbacks. Any zero lot line development approval under this section shall be restricted to development as herein prescribed. Proposed land uses within accident potential zones must comply with the population density guidelines outlined in the air installation compatible use zone (AICUZ) study prepared by Fairchild Air Force Base. (Ord. C-675 § 306, 2008)

17.26.020 Zero lot line with existing subdivisions.

Except as specifically provided otherwise, all requirements of plats on developed land within the City are unchanged, to include but not be limited to the application of all provisions of AHMC Title 16 and this title and the currently adopted International Residential Code adopted by the City. (Ord. C-675 § 307, 2008)

17.26.030 Zero lot line with new subdivisions.

A. A zero lot line development may be done in conjunction with the subdivision of property through a long plat or a short plat in conformity with AHMC Title 16. Zero lot line applications in conjunction with short plats shall be subject to a public hearing.

B. Each plat prepared pursuant to these zero lot line standards shall contain the following notation on the face of the plat:

This plat has been approved under the provisions of Chapter 17.26 AHMC relating to zero lot line construction. No building permit may be issued for any construction upon the lands encompassed within this plat except in strict conformity with the restrictions contained in the Airway Heights Municipal Code.

(Ord. C-675 § 308, 2008)

17.26.040 Zero lot line design standards.

Notwithstanding any other provision in AHMC Title 16 and this title, a zero lot line development may be approved and thereafter developed in conformity with the following design standards:

A. All dwellings constructed within the zero lot line development shall be so constructed as to share a common property line with an adjoining parcel or lot.

B. All lots located within the zero lot line development shall be a minimum of 6,000 square feet.

C. All lots located within a zero lot line development shall be designated as having the following property lines:

1. Front street property line, which shall be the property line adjacent to the street or public thoroughfare by which access is gained to the lot;

2. Rear lot line, which shall be the lot line opposite the front street property line;

3. Interior property line, which shall mean the lot line shared with the adjoining parcel or lots except for corner lots, where the side street property line shall be known as the side street property line;

4. Common property line shall mean the property line on which the dwelling structure is located, and which is shared with an adjoining property owner;

5. The dwelling unit shall be placed upon only one interior property line with zero setbacks.

D. All dwelling units shall be placed a minimum of 15 feet from the rear property line and a minimum of 25 feet from the front street property line.

E. All dwelling units shall be placed a minimum of 15 feet from the side street property line, or 10 feet from the interior property line, as the case may be.

F. Accessory buildings and structures shall observe setback requirements applicable to the zone.

G. Each dwelling unit shall be provided with a separate water meter, electric meter, gas meter (if applicable), and septic system (if applicable), wholly contained on its lot.

H. No zero lot line shall be allowed for the yard adjacent to a public or private street.

I. A minimum of two off-street parking spaces shall be provided on each platted lot.

J. Each dwelling shall be located on its own individual platted lot. The plat shall indicate the zero lot line easements and restrictions appurtenant thereto. A construction maintenance agreement between the owners of the zero lot line lots shall be recorded in the County Auditor’s Office. The easement shall provide for a minimum five-foot easement extending in all directions from all zero setback walls. The purpose of the easement is for construction, maintenance, and repair of the dwellings located on the zero lot line.

K. The maximum building height shall not exceed two stories and 35 feet in height. (Ord. C-675 § 309, 2008)

17.26.050 Application procedure.

For all applications for zero lot line development, the applicant shall submit with the application the following exhibits:

A. A location map indicating existing zoning on the site and adjacent areas.

B. A site plan of no less than one inch to 100 feet, including the following information:

1. Lot lines and setbacks, location, shape, size, and height of existing and proposed buildings;

2. Existing and proposed landscaping (if applicable);

3. Recreation facilities (if applicable);

4. Location of off-street parking.

C. Information indicating the following:

1. Gross and net acreage;

2. Lot sizes (dimensions in square footage);

3. Building heights and stories;

4. Building coverage for each lot;

5. Such other architectural and engineering data as may be required to evaluate the project. (Ord. C-675 § 310, 2008)