Chapter 17.27


17.27.000    Purpose and intent.

17.27.010    Definitions.

17.27.020    Site development plan.

17.27.030    Site development plan approval.

17.27.040    Design standards.

17.27.050    Setback requirements.

17.27.060    Minimum parking standards.

17.27.070    Minimum street standards and traffic circulation.

17.27.080    Landscaping and screening standards.

17.27.090    Storage facilities.

17.27.100    Swimming pools.

17.27.110    Utilities and services.

17.27.120    Signs.

17.27.130    Fire hydrants and emergency access.

17.27.140    Licenses and permits.

17.27.150    Park administration – Penalty.

17.27.000 Purpose and intent.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish standards for the development of manufactured home parks. Such standards are necessary to ensure development of well-planned manufactured home park facilities. Proposed land uses within accident potential zones must comply with the population density guidelines outlined in the air installation compatible use zone (AICUZ) study prepared by Fairchild Air Force Base. (Ord. C-675 § 312, 2008)

17.27.010 Definitions.

A “manufactured (mobile) home installed within a manufactured (mobile) home park” is defined as any structure portable in one or more sections upon the public streets and highways on its own running gear, which, when erected on site, is designed to be connected to required utilities and used as a permanent dwelling unit. A manufactured home must be a minimum of 600 square feet, when erected on site, and constructed in accordance with the national Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 and rules and regulations adopted and which is approved and certified by the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries pursuant to the rules and regulations of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. (Ord. C-675 § 313, 2008)

17.27.020 Site development plan.

Manufactured home parks shall require approval of a site development plan by the City Planner. The site development plan shall be reviewed and approved for compliance with ordinances and standards by the following: Building Inspector, Director of Public Works, Planning Commission, City Council, and any other appropriate agencies.

A. Any applicant shall first submit the site development plan along with drawings and other information sufficient to enable the City Planner to determine whether the manufactured home park complies with the design standards contained in this chapter.

B. All applications submitted for approval of a manufactured home park shall consist of six copies of the site development plan; a SEPA checklist completed in accordance with Chapter 18.01 AHMC, and a fee determined by City Council resolution. The site development plan shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

1. Name of person who prepared the plan;

2. Name(s) of person(s) owning and managing the land proposed for manufactured home park development;

3. Name and address of the proposed manufactured home park;

4. Scale and north arrow;

5. Boundaries and dimensions of the manufactured home park and number of acres included;

6. Vicinity maps showing the relationship of the development to adjacent properties;

7. Location and width of streets and pedestrian ways;

8. Location and dimensions of each space, with such spaces designated by number or other designation;

9. Location of each lighting fixture for exterior lighting;

10. Location of recreational and other common areas;

11. Location and type of landscaping, fencing, walls, and other screening;

12. Location, arrangement, and design of all parking facilities;

13. Location of fire hydrants;

14. Enlarged lot plan of all typical spaces, showing the location of manufactured home, storage spaces, parking, utility connections, and other improvements;

15. Topography of the manufactured home park site, including contour intervals of not more than 50 feet and a drainage plan;

16. A survey of the property prepared by a licensed surveyor, plans of structures to be constructed, public water system and sewage disposal plans approved by appropriate regulatory agencies, and provision of garbage disposal;

17. A phasing plan developed in accordance with AHMC 16.01.110, if applicable;

18. A storage area site plan with sight-obscured areas designated. (Ord. C-675 § 314, 2008)

17.27.030 Site development plan approval.

A. Applications for development of manufactured home parks shall be processed in accordance with AHMC Title 14, Development Code Administration.

B. Upon submittal of a complete application to the City Planner for development of a manufactured home park, conformance with development plan submission requirements and upon such review and public hearing as required by AHMC Title 14, the Planning Commission shall reach a decision relative to the plan as follows:

1. Reject the plan, providing the applicant with a list of specific reasons for such action; or

2. Withhold recommended approval of the plan subject to specified conditions which shall be met before approval; or

3. Recommend conditional approval of the plan subject to specified conditions which shall be met before issuance of building permits; or

4. Recommend approval for the development of the manufactured home park.

C. The final site development plan requires approval by the City Council.

1. Final approval of such plan by the City Council shall expire in one year unless substantial development has occurred, as determined by the City Planner.

2. An approved site development plan shall not be altered unless approved by the City Planner. The City Planner shall have authority to approve alterations to the site development plan upon determining that such alterations do not represent a substantial change in the previously approved plan. Alterations that increase the density shall be deemed substantial. The Building Inspector shall have the authority to revoke any building permit for failure to comply with the requirements of this chapter or if any other regulatory conditions have been violated. (Ord. C-675 § 315, 2008)

17.27.040 Design standards.

A. Manufactured home parks shall be permitted only in the RM zone.

B. A manufactured home park shall not be less than five acres in size and shall not contain fewer than two rental spaces.

C. Each rental space within a manufactured home park shall contain a minimum of 3,600 square feet with a maximum occupied area of 60 percent of such space.

D. An open space area for children shall be provided at a ratio of 10 percent of the total park area.

E. All manufactured homes installed in established parks shall meet the minimum standards set forth by existing Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards, applicable sections of the currently adopted International Residential Code, and any amendments in effect. Mobile homes over 10 years old must receive approval from the Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector for alterations and life safety before being moved into the City.

F. Only one manufactured home shall be permitted on any manufactured home space.

G. Manufactured homes shall be used as single-family residences only, together with the normal accessory uses such as patio, carport, and storage buildings.

H. Steps shall be required for all exit doors and shall be a minimum of 36 inches wide and shall not exceed an eight-inch rise with a minimum nine-inch run. More than two steps in height shall require two handrails, which shall be 34 inches above the nose of the step. Exception: Stairs or stairways that parallel the exterior wall of the manufactured home shall require only one handrail on the open side or sides if the stairway width is 44 inches or less. Any stairs or stairways that exceed 44 inches in width shall require two handrails. (Ord. C-675 § 316, 2008)

17.27.050 Setback requirements.

A. Each manufactured home space shall be a minimum of 45 feet in width and shall have frontage on a private road or street.

B. All manufactured homes shall be located a minimum of 25 feet from the right-of-way line of a public road or street, 50 feet from the right-of-way line of a state highway, and 10 feet from any other boundary line defining the outside limits of the park.

C. All spaces shall be provided with a base adequate to support placement of a manufactured home in accordance with HUD standards and applicable Washington Administrative Code standards. (Ord. C-675 § 317, 2008)

17.27.060 Minimum parking standards.

Two off-street parking spaces shall be provided for each manufactured home space, with a minimum 180 square feet per parking space. All off-street parking spaces shall be all-weather surfaced. One such parking space shall be within the manufactured home park space. The second parking space may be located in a satellite parking area in the park, located not more than 200 feet from the manufactured home space(s) it is serving. (Ord. C-675 § 318, 2008)

17.27.070 Minimum street standards and traffic circulation.

A. All manufactured home park approaches to a dedicated, established, and maintained City street or highway shall be paved, have a minimum width of 34 feet, and shall be adequately lighted at night.

B. Internal streets and roads which are not dedicated to the City as public rights-of-way shall be 30 feet in width, or 40 feet in width if guest parking is allowed on one side, and shall be adequately lighted at night.

C. All internal private roads used for ingress and egress (not including public right-of-way) and circulation shall be constructed in accordance with the Airway Heights Public Works Standards. Roads shall be completed within one year from the start of any phased construction. (Ord. C-675 § 319, 2008)

17.27.080 Landscaping and screening standards.

A. All landscaping and screening shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with Chapters 17.20 and 17.22 AHMC and may be installed within any established setback. All landscaping and screening shall comply with the requirements for site clearance for intersections and shoulders contained in Chapter 17.19 AHMC.

B. Landscaping materials shall conform to and be installed in accordance with the approved site development plan prior to occupancy of any manufactured home space; provided, the Building Inspector may authorize up to a maximum four-month delay where planting season conflicts would produce a high probability of plant loss. (Ord. C-675 § 320, 2008)

17.27.090 Storage facilities.

A designated storage area in the manufactured home park for recreational vehicles or boats must be provided. A minimum six-foot-high, sight-obscuring fence with a lockable gate shall be erected around the perimeter of such storage areas. Suitable access into the storage area shall be arranged with the Fire Department. (Ord. C-675 § 321, 2008)

17.27.100 Swimming pools.

Swimming pools shall be set back a minimum of 50 feet from the nearest residential area, and shall have a surrounding fence which is a minimum of eight feet high and does not obscure vision into the pool area. The swimming pool shall be operated and maintained pursuant to the standards and requirements of the Spokane Regional Health District, currently adopted International Residential Code, and other applicable agencies. (Ord. C-675 § 322, 2008)

17.27.110 Utilities and services.

A. The construction and installation of all water, sewer, electrical, communication, and miscellaneous (gas, television cable, etc.) service lines must be underground unless approved otherwise by the Public Works Director.

B. The location of all underground utilities and service lines shall be indicated by an aboveground sign(s) identifying the proximity of the lines to the manufactured home space to facilitate service connection and to avoid damage to such underground services by use of ground anchors or installation of skirting.

C. Water Distribution System. Each manufactured home park shall be connected to the City’s water system, with appropriate backflow preventative device installed according to the Airway Heights Public Works Standards. The City’s water system supply shall be used exclusively for domestic water supply within a manufactured home park. Water service connections shall be provided by the owner for each manufactured home space in accordance with the approved development plan.

D. Storm Drainage/Sewer System. A detailed combined on-site sewer system and surface water disposal plan for the entire project shall be approved by the Public Works Director, as appropriate, before issuance of any building permit.

E. Electrical Distribution System. All electrical connections to each manufactured home shall comply with the Washington State Electrical Code and shall be inspected and approved by an electrical inspector from the Department of Labor and Industries. (Ord. C-675 § 323, 2008)

17.27.120 Signs.

Signs, if any, identifying the manufactured home park shall be in conformance with applicable sign regulations contained in Chapter 17.23 AHMC. (Ord. C-675 § 324, 2008)

17.27.130 Fire hydrants and emergency access.

Fire hydrants and emergency vehicle circulation and access shall be approved by the Public Works Director and Fire Chief. Roads, streets, and driveways shall be constructed and adequately maintained by the owner of the manufactured home park in order to provide access to emergency vehicles. In the event internal streets or roads are inaccessible to emergency vehicles (i.e., fire trucks or ambulances), the City may provide access and bill the owner of the land for the City’s cost of providing emergency access. (Ord. C-675 § 325, 2008)

17.27.140 Licenses and permits.

A. Manufactured home parks are subject to all applicable building and construction provisions of the Airway Heights Municipal Code, which includes issuance of building permits and authorized inspection of all phases of construction and development.

B. Installation of each individual manufactured home shall require approval of an installation permit in accordance with Chapter 15.12 AHMC.

C. No manufactured home space shall be rented or occupied until a business license for operation of the manufactured home park has been obtained pursuant to Chapter 5.04 AHMC, Business and Occupation Tax. A business license shall not be issued until all required building, fire, and life-safety inspections have been conducted and a final approval has been issued by the Building Inspector.

D. Construction or development of all improvements indicated on the approved site development plan shall be required before issuance of a business license. If the improvements cannot be completed, a performance bond shall be required in order to ensure development per the approved plan. (Ord. C-675 § 326, 2008)

17.27.150 Park administration – Penalty.

A. It shall be the responsibility of the owner and manager or both to assure that the provisions of this chapter, including installation of a manufactured home and construction of accessory structures on individual manufactured home spaces, and any additional conditions of the approved site development plan and building permit are observed and maintained within the manufactured home park.

B. Violations of this chapter shall subject the owner of the facility to any penalties provided for such violation. The owner, or designated agent, shall be available and responsible for the direct management of the manufactured home park.

C. No recreational vehicles shall be used at any time in new manufactured mobile home parks. Mobile home parks with existing recreational sites may use these sites for RVs. Any RV in a designated RV space must meet skirting requirements if staying over 30 days.

D. Portable fire extinguishers, rated for Classes A, B, and C, shall be kept in service buildings and other locations as required by applicable fire codes.

E. The manufactured home park shall be maintained free of any brush, leaves, and weeds that could communicate fires between manufactured homes and other improvements. No combustible materials shall be stored in, around, or under any manufactured home. (Ord. C-675 § 327, 2008)