Chapter 5.20


5.20.010    Prohibited actions.

5.20.020    Fines for prohibited actions.

5.20.030    Service disconnection as penalty for prohibited actions.

5.20.040    Amounts of fines and charges.

5.20.050    Fines and charges subject to lien.

5.20.010 Prohibited actions.

Tampering with District facilities or the unauthorized use of District facilities is prohibited. The District defines “tampering” as “interfering with any District facility in order to cause damage or make unauthorized alterations thereto.” [Res. 2637 § 1, 2014].

5.20.020 Fines for prohibited actions.

(1) Each person or entity who owns or occupies property connected to the District’s water system and tampers with any facilities of the District shall pay a fine and all costs to repair the facilities. The District may lock off or remove service until the fine is paid.

(2) Each person or entity who takes water from any District facility without the District’s consent and without first having obtained a permit to take such water shall pay a fine and all costs to repair the facilities.

(A) If such person or entity has purchased a meter application from the District, and prior to installation of the meter, the District determines that water has been taken, the meter application will be held until the responsible party pays the applicable fine.

(B) A meter will not be installed to serve the property until the fine and applicable meter connection fees are paid. [Res. 2637 § 2, 2014].

5.20.030 Service disconnection as penalty for prohibited actions.

(1) The General Manager (or designee) is authorized and directed to immediately disconnect service to any property upon which the District’s facilities have been tampered with as described in AWWDC 5.20.020.

(2) Whenever the General Manager (or designee) has acted upon the authority of subsection (1) of this section, authorized service will be provided or restored only when the District has received from the property owner or agent:

(A) Payment of the applicable fine for tampering.

(B) Payment of all material and labor costs incurred by the District to repair damage to District facilities caused by the unauthorized use or tampering.

(C) Payment of retroactive charges for the District’s estimate of cost of unauthorized services. [Res. 2637 § 3, 2014].

5.20.040 Amounts of fines and charges.

The amount of the fines and charges imposed by this chapter shall be set according to a fee schedule adopted by the District pursuant to AWWDC 9.10.030. [Amended during 2016 codification; Res. 2637 § 4, 2014].

5.20.050 Fines and charges subject to lien.

All fines and charges related to tampering with and unauthorized use of District facilities are subject to lien in accordance with District policy and RCW 57.08.081. [Res. 2637 § 5, 2014].